Meet the Committee

The People Behind Crossfire

Our committee is made up by 6 good friends than had been playing together regularly for a few years at each other’s houses.

We had noted a distinct lack of places to play this side of Glasgow that had a good enough size or could provide tables, terrain and a gaming experience up to the standard we wanted it. Therefore we decided to do it ourselves, and Crossfire was born!

It’s our mission to create the best club and community possible that provides a safe space for people to come along and play, make friends, get their miniatures on the table and try out new game systems.

All of our Committee are very friendly and are more than happy to chat and take new players through intro games. Feel free to reach out to them in person or via our Discord Server.

Who Makes Up The Committee



The Numbers Guy

Simon has been playing 40k since just before the pandemic made face to face gaming impossible having come back into the hobby after a 25 year hiatus.

He is more of a gamer than a painter or a lore fanatic but loves to get his armies up close and personal and into melee combat as soon as possible. Many of the club’s stash of board games have been derived from Simon’s personal collection that he never finds time to play anymore. He is happy to take anyone through an intro game of 40k and is the club’s lead on Marvel Crisis Protocol.

His armies include Blood Angels, Death Guard, Emperor’s Children, Necrons and Tyranids. He’s also got a Night Elf blood bowl team and is painting up an Asgard affiliation for MCP.

Game Systems Played

Simon plays too many Board Games, Warhammer 40k, Blood Bowl, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Necromunda and Kill Team.

Don’t ask him about: Scrabble 



That’s Commissar Curtis to you!

Curtis cut his teeth in wargaming in the mid 90s with regiments of Beastmen, Chaos Sorcerers, warriors and dragons in Warhammer Fantasy Battle. This was back in the day of no real access to the internet or any learning, so he is pretty sure, him and his friends made it all up and didn’t play it properly to begin with. Now back at again after a 25 years in the dark he has jumped on any and all games systems he can, encouraged along the ruinous hobby path by his friends in the committee.

What he lacks in storied gaming experience, he makes up for with boundless enthusiasm and loves any excuse to laugh while throwing some dice. What started as a relatively innocent purchase of a harpy kit to practice some airbrushing before tackling a bigger display model, has ballooned in to 3 full fledged armies, half a dozen warbands and teams for Warcry and Kill team and quite a few other systems not to mention the armies and forces in the “hobby pipeline”. Safe to say he is well and truly lost to the wonders of the hobby. Loves building, converting and painting models of all shapes, sizes and themes mainly for tabletop but would also like to dip his toes in display painting eventually.

His main armies are Craftworld Eldar for Warhammer 40k, Soulblight Gravelords for Age of Sigmar, a growing force of Blood Angels for Horus Heresy and has designs on jumping two feet in to Marvel Crisis Protocol with Uncanny X-Men and some kind of big bad Sith team for Star Wars Shatterpoint. When not pretending to be a general, he would also like to play more boardgames and narrative campaigns .

Game Systems Played

Curtis plays Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Horus Heresy, Kill Team, Warcry, Underworlds, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Star Wars: Shatterpoint and Blood Bowl.

Dubbed ‘Commissar Curtis’ by some folks at the club, the friendly Commissar. Look at that smile!



Arch Heretic & Schemer of the Dark Gods

Chris first fell into the hobby over 30 years ago. His first experience of the game was walking into Games Workshop on a sunny Saturday morning to cries of “Blood for the Blood God!” answered with “For the Emperor!” As both sides of a packed Glasgow store shouted repeatedly at each other across the table, with the loudest team getting the first turn. He was given a squad of Blood Angels and a Dreadnought to command and thus began his 40k career.

Despite initially starting a Blood Angels army, the writing was on the wall from that very first game. As he couldn’t help but admire some Iron Warriors Havocs across the table. Fast forward a few years and having realised the folly of his initial ways, he quickly fell to the dark gods and now considers himself a Chaos player first and foremost.

While enjoying all aspects of the hobby, Chris loves the social side of it more than anything else. Specifically, being able to chat away and laugh with folks while rolling dice over a game of something. He’s also a bit of a lore junkie for anything related to Warhammer 40k or the Horus Heresy and will happily chat for days about almost any subject set in the universe. He’s always happy to take people through into games for any systems that he has a good grasp of or to give a new game system a go himself.

His main armies are Red Corsairs (Chaos Space Marines), Necrons, Orks and Astra Militarum for Warhammer 40k. He also plays Word Bearers and Mechanicum for Horus Heresy. In addition, he has a selection of warbands and teams for Warcry, Underworlds, Blood Bowl and Kill Team.

Game Systems Played

Chris plays Warhammer 40K, Horus Heresy, Kill Team, Warcry, Underworlds, Necromunda and Blood Bowl. He also enjoys a good Board Game from time to time.

Arch Heretic and Traitor, often heard saying “I think Erebus is cool!”



The Newest Convert to the Blood God

Stephen comes from a background of board games & tabletop RPGs, but this has slowly shifted into mostly miniature wargames in the last few years. He first got into painting miniatures around 2018 when he got tired of playing board games with unpainted minis. Very quickly this led him to the wonderful black hole of Warhammer 40k when he saw the quality of some of the miniatures on offer!

Although the painting aspect of the hobby is what he enjoys most, he’s always up for some epic narrative games down at the club on a Thursday!

His armies of choice for 40k are two very polar opposites – the sneaky Genestealer Cult & the perpetually angry World Eaters!

For some of the smaller games, he’s got a Choas Bloodbowl team dubbed the Khorne Flakes, a few  warbands for Warcry, plenty of Kill Teams & more recently picked up some Ogor warbands for Underworlds.

At his heart he’s a huge Trekkie & recently he’s picked up some Star Trek: Attack Wing models which he’s eager to get on the table more at the club!

If you fancy following along with Stephen’s painting you can find his hobby Instagram page.

Game Systems Played

You should give Stephen a shout if you’re looking for some Warhammer 40k, Kill Team, Blood Bowl, Warcry, Underworlds or Star Trek Attack Wing. He’s always up for some board games and RPGs as well!



Our Resident Hand Model

Rich has been following 40k since 2nd edition in high school, even when taking breaks between editions he has kept up to date with the games development and followed the books and video games.

Rich enjoys following Games Workshop history and has quite the collection of classic models and rulebooks (and company shares!). His gaming philosophy is strictly casual, and he enjoys cycling between lots of different kinds of armies. He is loving the new edition of 40k having taken a 6 month break from 9th.

Outside of gaming Rich keeps busy with – motorbikes, kayaks, country walks and whisky distilleries. He is keen to get some RPG experience under his belt this year.

His main armies are Imperial Knights, Necrons, Grey Knights, Imperial Guard and Space Wolves. He also plays Horus Heresy Space Wolves and is a few models short of a complete X Wing collection.

Game Systems Played

Rich plays Star Wars: X-Wing & Armada, Star Trek Attack Wing, Black Powder, Blood Bowl, Warhammer 40K, Horus Heresy and regularly takes part in Board Games.



Our WWII Expert

Dan as a youngster loved all things Warhammer, starting around 2nd edition 40k and for a long time had no idea how to play or even build a cohesive force (Space Marines can ally with Night goblins right?) however the love for the hobby well and truly began in those early years.

Like many of us growing up Dan had a break from wargaming but is now back at it and loving it all once more.

He does have several 40k armies, Age Of Sigmar forces as well as a variety of squads, gangs, teams and warbands for many GW games but his passion now truly lies with historical wargaming, the main focus being Bolt Action which he is always happy to put on an intro game for if anyone is interested in trying it.

Dan really doesn’t consider himself a competitive player and loves nothing more than having a great time gaming among good people with hopefully a few great War stories thrown in as well.

Game Systems Played

Dan is a huge fan of Bolt Action but also plays Warhammer Underworlds, Warcry, Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar and Star Wars: X-Wing.



Da Kunnin’ Git

Neil has the fairly classic story of getting into 40K as a kid when he was sat in front of a board game to keep him quiet, that game was Space Hulk and he was instantly hooked. The monopose Orks of the 2nd edition 40k starter set awoke a primal love of green skins, that despite a long self imposed exile from all Games Workshop stores, he has never lost. A few years ago he was handed a few models by a mate & the dam burst. The next day he had a starter set and some paints & he hasn’t looked back since.

He dreams of one day owning an Ork army for each of the Klans and having a green tide so large that when he calls the WAAAAAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!! in Cumbernauld, space marines all over Scotland shake in their power armour.

Neil loves a good narrative, be it a bit of lore, a book, a game, a crusade, an RPG or even just a tale about this one time you headbutted a knight to death. Like any good Ork though the thing he loves most is having fun with Da Boyz win, lose or draw.

Game Systems Played

Neil currently plays Warhammer 40K, Kill Team, a bit of D&D and has recently fallen in love with the Warhammer 40k: Relic board game. He is very much looking forward to getting stuck into Necromunda, Star Wars: Armada & many new games over the coming year at the club. You can hear Neil most Thursdays shouting WAAAAAAGHH!!! at the top of his lungs.