The Eternity Wall

Do you have what it takes to Conquer the Wall & Hold it?

Those who successfully storm the Wall as an Attacker, and then hold it as the Defender, using the scenario detailed below, will be added to the Roll of Honour as a Castellan of the Eternity Wall

CAVEAT: The army list that you use to take the Eternity Wall must be the same one used to defend it the following week(s).

The Eternity Wall guarded by a Leviathan Dreadnought

Narrative Mission: Assault on the Eternity Wall

Mission Briefing: The fighting has become desperate for the defenders, having been pushed back to their last few bastions. Battered and bruised they must hold out, if these last strongholds were to fall all hope would be lost…

Army Composition

2k points using the Arks of Omen detachment rules.


Throw Everything at Them: In this mission the Attacker may recycle destroyed units. At the start of their Movement Phase up to D3 destroyed units can re-join the fight and be deployed from a table edge in their deployment zone. Super Heavy units can also be recycled but will cost an additional 2 CP.

If a unit is under half strength, the Attacker may also opt to voluntarily remove the last few models from that unit at the end of their Command Phase.

Controlling No Man’s Land: If a player controls Objective A at the start of their Command Phase they gain 1 additional CP.

Gate Controls: If a player controls Objective E at the start of their Command Phase, they can choose to open or close the Eternity Wall Gate.

Assault on the Eternity Wall Deployment Map


This scenario has two Primary Objectives.

TAKE THE WALLS (Progressive Objective)

Controlling the walls is going to paramount to victory for both the Attackers and Defenders.

Points are scored at the end of each player’s Command Phase for each objective marker controlled, based on what turn it is, i.e:

  • Turn 2 – 2 victory points per objective
  • Turn 3 – 3 victory points per objective
  • etc

Once an objective has been captured, it remains under that player’s control until an opponent captures it.

This primary objective cannot be scored during the first battle round. In the fifth battle round, the player who has the second turn does not score any victory points at the end of their Command phase; instead, they score at the end of their turn.

BREACHING THE GATE (Progressive Objective)

At the end of the Defender’s Command Phase, they score 3 Victory Points if the following conditions are met:

  • The Gate is closed
  • The Gate is not destroyed

The Attacker scores 15 Victory Points on the turn that the Gate is destroyed.

Terrain Features & Special Rules

Defensive Parapets

With the exception of ladders, doors and walkways, models moving across any elements of the Eternity Wall treat it as Difficult Ground.

In addition, the battlements of the Eternity Wall benefit from the following rules:

Defensible, Dense Cover, Light Cover, Heavy Cover, Obscuring, Scalable, Inspiring.

Eternity Wall gate

The Gate presents a weak point in the wall defences that can be breached and can be targeted by attacks.

It uses the following profile:


The Eternity Wall Gate has a 4+ Invulnerable Save.

Breaching Charges

The Attacking forces have the use of two Breaching Charges, use counters to track which unit is carrying them and where they are on the field.

These can be carried by any non-character INFANTRY unit. If the carrying unit is destroyed, the charge is left on the table and can be picked up by another friendly unit at the end of their movement phase.

Plant Explosives (Action): A unit equipped with a Breaching Charge can start to perform this action at the end of the Movement Phase, if it is within engagement range of the Gate.

The action is completed at the end of your turn and will cause 6D6 Mortal Wounds to the Gate.

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