What is Necromunda?

Necromunda is a tabletop miniature wargame set in the dystopian, industrial underworld of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, where players control gangs vying for dominance in a hive city’s sprawling, vertical slums and amongst the harsh environments of the Ash Wastes. The game focuses on skirmish-level battles, emphasizing narrative campaigns and the development of individual gang members in a gritty and violent urban setting.

Playing Necromunda at Crossfire

We’ve always had ambitions to expand the selection of games played at Crossfire Gaming Club and getting into Necromunda was always high on the list of priorities. Chris has been working hard to create some fantastic scenery for gangs to fight it out over.

As with all our game systems, we’d advise arranging games with other players via our Discord Server in advance of club nights.

Necromunda at crossfire gaming club

Our First Campaign

We’re currently running a Necromunda campaign. Which is more of a learning campaign, starting out slowly with a gang worth 1,000 credits and then expand to include vehicles later on.

The idea is that this should allow people to get to grips with the game’s rules before we start throwing in extra complexities in.

How Do I Get involved?

For now we have started playing some learning games to get up to speed with the basics and allow us to refine our starting gangs before the campaign kicks off.

There isn’t an official sign up yet (we will have one soon), but for now if your interested, the best thing to do is to join our Discord Server and take part in the discussions in the Necromunda channel, possibly even arrange some games.

How to Get Started with Necromunda?

You can find the core rules and more for Necromunda at Necro Vox, an unofficial rules compilation site. You will need a gang of roughly 6-10 models to play the game with and will need to create a gang roster detailing their equipment and keeping track of their injuries and experience. For this we’d recommend Yaktribe, it’s a great free resource and it’ll generate some nice print-friendly versions of each of your ganger’s fighter cards.

Other things you will need are some dice (Necromunda uses some specialised D6’s for injury & ammo rolls) and some Citadel templates (Flamer, Small Blast & Large Blast) if you have equipped your guys with anything that uses them. Tokens are also useful (but not essential) to keep track of who has activated and not, who’s run out of ammo or needs to reload and when gangers are pinned or broken.

Who to Talk to About Getting Involved?


Chris would be the best person to talk to about getting into Necromunda.

As well as being the driving force behind it at Crossfire, he is also going to be the one running the upcoming Necromunda campaign. However, having not played the game in almost 20 years he is still figuring it out as with a lot of the folks looking to take it up. This means it’s a good time to get involved and learn it alongside everyone else!