From Depths to Dominance

Crossfire Necromunda Campaign

From Depths to Dominance is our Necromunda Campaign hosted as Crossfire Gaming Club. This campaign is aimed at both new and experienced players, although there is a high number of people getting into it for the first time.

Taking Part

To take part, you will need to sign up via the Necromunda section on our Discord Server, have a gang of roughly 10 models initially and be prepared to do some admin to keep your gang running.

We are running a Dominion Campaign, where gangs will fight over and take control of territories, that provide certain bonuses.


Commitment Required to Take Part

This is designed to be a slow-run campaign and it will go on for a while but it means that the requirements are also low. You will only need to play 1-2 games every 3 weeks, and even then it can be quite easy to get 2 games of Necromunda in a night. This means you should have plenty of time to play other games as well or don’t need to be there every night.

The Campaign will take place over 6 Cycles, these are split into 2 Phases, the Occupation Phase & the Takeover Phase. There will also be a period of Downtime between the phases. Which lines up with when we might be closed for the Easter Break.

Creating a Necromunda Gang

To create a gang you will need to do the following:

Additionally, we will be adding vehicles and mounts in Cycle 3. All gangs get an additional 400 Credits to spend on vehicles, crews and mounts. As well as weapons for those vehicles/mounts. However, you cannot spend these initial credits on any upgrades, these need to be purchased via the trading post.

  • Create a Gang listing on Yaktribe
  • Make a gang roster of up to 1,000 Credits
  • Post a link to your gang roster on Discord under Nercromunda Campaign > Finalised Gang Rosters
  • Join the Campaign on Yaktribe (we will send you an invite)

Campaign Timeline & Important Dates

There will be a downtime (over the Easter Break). During Downtime, gangs have a chance to recover and regroup, taking the opportunity to re-equip, fix up wounded fighters and repair and upgrade vehicles.

Occupation Phase

This phase of the campaign focuses on gangs trying to increase the number of territories they control and grow their influence. Battles will be fought over unclaimed territories, resulting in the winners claiming and taking over them.

Cycle 1 Dates

  • 25/01/2024
  • 01/02/2024
  • 08/02/2024

Cycle 2 Dates

  • 15/02/2024
  • 22/02/2024
  • 29/02/2024

Cycle 3 Dates – Vehicles & Mounts Added

  • 07/03/2024
  • 14/03/2024
  • 21/03/2024

Takeover Phase

In this phase of the campaign the gangs have already become established and start to set their sights on their rivals territories. Challenges can be issued against other players for specific territories and battles fought over the control of these.

Cycle 4 Dates

  • 18/04/2024
  • 25/04/2024
  • 02/05/2024

Cycle 5 Dates

  • 09/05/2024
  • 16/05/2024
  • 23/05/2024

Cycle 6 Dates

  • 30/05/2024
  • 06/06/2024
  • 13/06/2024

Campaign House Rules

We will be using some House Rules during the campaign, for the most part these will just be small recommended quality of life additions from places such as Necrovox/YakTribe to help make rules a bit clearer and less ambiguous but we might also add some of our own as we progress. As well as some incentives for painting up your gang!

Additional Experience

  • D3 XP for the MVP of each playing team. This is nominated by your opponent at the end of the match.
  • D3 XP for each fully painted model. This is awarded at the start of the campaign (or when they join your gang). If a model is unpainted, it gains the D3XP when it becomes painted.
  • +1 additional XP when taking a Brute Out of Action.


  • Restricting Cargo 8’s & heavy vehicles

The Cargo 8’s and heavier vehicles seem to be far too tough initially and won’t make for some fun games. We are going to restrict these for now, they might be available later on but we will see.

Effectively you can’t take a vehicle if it has either an armour value of 8 or more on any facing or has a 3+ save.


  • Target Priority

You must target the closest visible enemy regardless of facing. This avoids facing fighters in awkward directions to circumvent the cool check for seeing the actual closest enemy.

  • Stray Shots

Stray shots only hit other fighters on a 6+.

  • Flame Templates

Do not ignore step 1: Must pass Priority test or touch closest fighter (except Smoke!). If an Engaged fighter is hit, any other fighters Engaged with the hit fighter are also hit on a 4+