Learn to Play & Intro Games

Want to Learn to Play?

Getting into wargaming can be challenging for newcomers due to the vast array of rule sets, miniatures, and game systems available. Then there is the learning the rules and finding people to play with.

At Crossfire, we have built a friendly and welcoming community that is more than happy to help you learn the rules of your favourite wargame or even try out different games.

Club night at Crossfire Gaming Club
Crossfire Gaming Club Tyranids vs marines

No Miniatures? No Problem!

One of the largest barriers for people learning to play games is due to them not having the models to play with. Maybe you are unsure of where to start or don’t want to play with unpainted models.

For our most popular game, Warhammer 40k. The club owns two starter armies (Space Marines & Tyranids) that are painted up to a high standard and available to use on club nights. Just let us know if you want to try one of them, whether you haven’t played before, want to try a new army or need a few extra models to play a bigger game.

The Club also has starter sets for the following:

We will continue to add to the intro sets we have as long as there is demand for new systems.

Additionally, most of our committee and attendees are more than happy to bring along an extra team/warband/army to take someone through an intro game. So do make sure to ask if you want to try something out!

    Arranging Intro Games

    If you want to arrange an intro game, the best place to do so is by using the Game Arrangement channel on our Discord Server. You can also tag one of the @committee via Discord and we will help arrange a game.

    Alternatively, if you haven’t joined our Discord Community yet, you can drop us an email on crossfiregamingclub@gmail.com or get in touch with us via Facebook or Instagram.

    Blood Bowl Intro Game at Crossfire Gaming Club