Marvel Crisis Protocol

Play Marvel Crisis Protocol at Crossfire!

We’ve only recently started getting into Marvel Crisis Protocol and it’s still early days but there is a lot of interest building for this game at the club. Whether you’re interested in getting started or already have a few teams, feel free to come along to one of our club nights in Cumbernauld.

As with most our games, we’d advise arranging games with other players via our Discord Server in advance of club nights.

Marvel Crisis Protocol Team

What is Marvel Crisis Protocol?

Marvel Crisis Protocol is a miniatures game featuring all your favourite heroes, villains and mad men from across the Marvel universe.

Unleash a dazzling array of super powers and knock out punches as you strive to control the battlefield and wrest control from your opponent. If you have ever wanted to see Spiderman fight Magneto or Iron Man battle Kingpin then this is definitely the game for you!

Marvel Crisis Protocol Game

How Does the Game Play?

Each mission pits between 3 and 6 of your heroes (from a roster of up to 10) against your opponent, alternating activations between you both as you seek to control objectives, save civilians or wield powerful weapons to bring down your foes. Although you can go in, all powers blazing to knock out your foes, it’s often a better strategy to pick your battles and score your points.

The battle rages over 6 turns or until one player wracks up 16 Victory Points.

Each turn consists of a Power Phase – where your heroes gather their strength, an Activation Phase – where you take turns choosing to activate your heroes, move them, carry out actions and utilise their superpowers and a Cleanup Phase – where Victory Points are scored and dazed characters can recover their wits to return to the fight. Most (though not all) heroes become dazed after taking a specific amount of damage, they can then take no more damage that turn and return to the fight after the clean up round – but with their stats card flipped to the other side (which may change the actions and superpowers that they have access to). This means you’ll have a second chance to use them in battle – if they lose all their stamina a second time they will be knocked out and removed from the game.

A small team to get Started in Marvel Crisis Protocol

Considering Getting into MCP?

At Crossfire we are new to the MCP universe but we are keen to help players get involved. Compared to some of our larger games you’ll only need a handful of models and some eight sided dice to get started. We’ve bought a core starter set and we’re working to get it all painted up and to build out some interesting terrain to make our super skirmishes as engaging as possible.

If you’re interested in having an intro game let one of our committee know and we’ll happily run through the rules before fight begins in earnest!

How to Get Started?

The full rules to play Marvel Crisis Protocol are available for free through Atomic Mass Games’ website.

Building a Team

Whilst you can pick any variety of heroes and villains for your roster or squad it helps if they share an affiliation. This allows them all to benefit from their leader’s leadership ability which can confer powerful benefits from letting you use your superpowers more cheaply to healing your characters in battle.

See a full list of the affiliations.

Who to Talk to About Getting Involved?


Simon would be the best person to talk to about getting into Marvel Crisis Protocol.

He’ll be able to take you through an intro game and point you towards other players that are interested in starting out or already have some teams.