Campaign Scenarios

All the Campaign Missions in One Place

Below you can find all of the Campaign Scenarios for our Balecaster Crusade for Warhammer 40k.

We’ve also uploaded the Boarding Actions Core Rules and Boarding Actions Mustering Rules for easy access.

Phase 1 – Planetfall

Aug 24th – Sep 14th

Having been battered by severe warp storms, your forces are thrown from the Immaterium only to re-enter real space in the middle of an asteroid belt. Which may have once been the local planet’s previous moon. Heavy damage is suffered and with no other safe haven in range, you are forced to crash land on the surface.

Your forces secure the crash site and start making plans to acquire any resources you might need. Although you are aware that your ship wasn’t the only vessel that was brought down.

Phase 2 – Onslaught

Sep 21st – Oct 12th

Your alliance holds fast. The lands of this feral planet have begun to fall under your yoke. But others are martialling their forces. Now that the camps are taken and the cities occupied it is time to destroy your foes and push them back into the recesses of this world.

The generals gather. It is time to strike while the iron is hot. Press the advantage and put your steel to your enemies throats. Take all that remains of this continent and gather what you can to return to the stars. All who oppose you will be crushed beneath the heel of your boot.

Phase 3 – Aggressive Expansion

Oct 19th – Nov 9th

The planet is dying, this much is clear. Whether you plan to try and escape or do what you can to save it, you’ll have to forcibly acquire the resources you need to achieve those goals.

Phase 4 – Battle for a Ravaged Realm

Nov 16th – Dec 7th

After the devastating impact of two nuclear bombs getting dropped on the surface, and the ensuing radioactive fallout that transformed the once vibrant landscapes of Balecaster IV into a desolate and inhospitable expanse. The resilient remnants of each alliance find themselves facing an arduous journey.

Despite the grim aftermath, they grit their teeth and press on, determined to gather what strength they can as they head towards the inevitable final battle.

Phase 5 – The Final Battle

Dec 14thDec 21st

The gravitational pull from the enormous space hulk, now in low orbit, causes fissures to start opening up across the ravaged planet. It is evident to those still battling on it that the planet is dying, although all is not lost!

While the chance is slim, there remains an opportunity to undo the worst of the damage and rescue both the world and those ensnared within it. The responsibility now lies in the hands of individual commanders and their forces. They must decide whether to embark on the endeavour to save the world or cut ties and leave the planet to its inevitable fate