40k Championship

Welcome to the 40K Championship!

Kick Off Date

Our 40K Championship which will kick off on Thursday the 18th of April and run until the end of June.

Army Lists & Submissions

To play you will need to build an appropriate list for 1,750 points that can include both special characters and allies.

Until Friday 12th of April, you can DM Simon with your army list and indeed change them before the deadline is up.

Once the deadline closes on Friday 12th April, no new armies can be submitted and you will be restricted to that list with the rules in place at the time of submission for the length of the Championship.

Astra Militarum vs World Eaters at Crossfire Gaming Club

The Draw

The draw for the group stages will take place on the weekend of the 13th/14th of April and we’ll post it online.

All entries will be split into four ability brackets, with each group having four players. Group 7 may have slightly more, if there isn’t enough players for a 8th group. Players will initially be ranked, alphabetically, in your group and will play the missions as follows:

  • Mission 1: 1v2, 3v4
  • Mission 2: 1v3, 2v4
  • Mission 3: 1v4, 2v3

We currently have 30 players signed up so group 7 will have 5 players who will each have 8 weeks to play their 4 games and go straight to the semi finals after their games. They will play the following missions:

  • Mission 1: 1v2, 3v4, 5v6 
  • Mission 2: 1v3, 2v5, 4v6
  • Mission 3: 1v4, 2v6, 3v5
  • Mission 4: 1v5, 2v4, 3v6 

This setup should avoid any bias. Players will have 6 weeks to play your 3 missions and it is for you to arrange them at your leisure.

Playoff/Knockout Stages

Regardless of how you do in the Group Stages, you are still in with a chance to win something and will have the chance to compete in some Knockout games.

  • Group winners will go on to play for the Cup
  • Second place will go on to play for the Plate
  • Third place for the Bowl
  • Fourth for the Medal

This will then be in a knockout. You are all, therefore, guaranteed 4 games minimum and 6 games at maximum. You will have 2 weeks to play each of the knockout stages.

Warhammer 40k at Crossfire Gaming Club

Playing Games & Scenarios


Game Scoring

Games will be scored using the Matched Play rules for Warhammer 40k.

League Points

You will score the following points in the league based on the outcome of individual games:


Ties in the knockout stages will be decided on:

  1. Primary Points
  2. Whether one army has any models remaining
  3. Whether the warlord has survived
  4. Points remaining on the table (any part of a unit remaining will count as the unit having survived for points).

The scores of all games will be called at 9.45pm on each evening the games are played – regardless of how much of the game is left to play, though slow play is discouraged.


The Missions for the Group Stages are:

  1. Hammer and Anvil – Vital Ground- Chilling Rain
  2. Search and destroy- Priority Targets – Chilling Rain
  3. Crucible of Battle – Take and Hold – Sweep and Clear
  4. Crucible of Battle – Supply Drop – Supply Lines

What You Need to Bring

Your painted and based army 

Rules, dice, indexes and any FAQs relevant to your army 


All conversions and proxies should bear a resemblance to the original model and should be of comparable dimensions to the latest Games Workshop model. Do not model for advantage, it will bring shame upon you and your family. 

Painting Requirements

In order to gain the the 10 battle ready points for painted each game. All models should be painted and based to a Games Workshop ‘Battle Ready’ standard.

If any model is not painted, or the TO (Simon) decides that the minimum has not been achieved, you will not get the 10 battle ready points.

If unsure about a proxy please contact Simon Lewis through Discord before the week of the event. If you’re unsure that something is painted to a battle ready standard, it probably needs a bit more paint.

Additional Details


Any decisions ruled on by the TO (Simon) are final.

List Submissions


Units should have the correct loadouts and points. Additionally, any Enhancements must be included in the army list submission

List Submission Deadline

Friday 12th April is the deadline for submissions, with the first round drawn as soon as all lists are submitted.

Cut Off Point for New Dataslates/Points

Points for lists will be locked in from the 4th and will not change.

If a Dataslate or Errata lands before or during the event, Simon will review and make a ruling. He will post any decision on the Discord page if the new rules will be used for this event. We are keen to use any new rules that balances and improves the gamer experience.

Lists to be submitted for the championship by sending them as Direct Messages through Discord to Simon Lewis – they will then be published before the event.

Championship Guidelines

We will be playing Warhammer 40,000 new edition rules, points and the most up to date Chapter approved Mission Pack.

Army Size

1750 point “Strike Force” army using the newest edition points.

Army Building Restrictions will follow the “Strike Force” restrictions found in the most up to date rule book. 

Table Size

We will be using the 60″ x 44″ Strike Force recommended size.

Game Length

3 hours 30mins

Game turns: 5

FAQs & Legends

All current FAQ’s that will be in place can be found on Warhammer-Community.com. Any specific rules may be addressed by the TO (Simon).


Record Keeping, Terrain & Dice

Players are responsible to keep track of their score throughout the game, record final results on score sheets provided 

Terrain should be discussed with your opponent before starting the game. If you don’t know or can’t come to a logical agreement on what rules a terrain piece should have – speak to a TO. Please note that the use of dice rolling apps is not allowed. 

Dice need to be easily read by your opponent and have a badge on one side only.

Code of Conduct

As well as our club code of conduct please note the following:

Respecting Fellow Players

Do not be “that guy”….. Please play nice. Remember you are playing Warhammer not bare fist fighting to the death. Let’s have fun. If you are having a rules dispute that cant be resolved then grab a TO but, please make sure you have the relevant rules ready to read.

99% of the time the rules make sense once you take a breath so, have a wee read before giving Simon a shout.


If you believe your opponent to be playing slowly to gain an advantage or cheating, then please talk to them before calling a TO. Cheating by accident happens. Cheating on purpose will not be tolerated.

We cannot help with issues which we are unaware of, so in the unlikely event that someone is cheating, let us know at the time as we can’t do much after the event. Games will, as above, be called at 9.45 each evening, regardless of how much game is left to play.


If a player receives two warnings for conduct he will be dropped from the remainder of the Championship. This is an inclusive Championship, so please be nice, we want everyone to have a great time and we want a  Championship that people return to.