Orktober Brawl

WH40k Orktober 2023 Scenario

To celebrate Orktober this year, our Warhammer 40k Ork players got together to devise the perfect scenario that was both brutal and kunnin. To determine who was “Da Best Warboss” in a four way brawl where each of them will try and beat the green out of each other, while also trying to ‘outfink da uvver ladz’.

We’ve included the scenario that Da Boyz whipped up below, should you fancy giving it a go, even if its no longer Orktober. It should still prove fun for determining who’s the biggest, ‘ardest Warboss.

Crossfire Gaming Club orktober trophy 2023

Get Da Good Bitz – Orktober Trophy

We couldn’t let such an occasion go unmarked, so helped the ladz create a special trophy to proclaim their superiority over the other Warbosses with. Which can be seen in all its glory adjacent

To make the trophy we used the free Warhammer 40k trophy that’s available on Cults. It’s a great design and works as a good basis, although we needed to replace the Space Marine’s arm holding the weapon with something a bit more Orky. Therefore we found an arm from an STL file that would suit, blew it up in size and printed it along with a whole host of orky gubbinz. As we had to make it suitable for any well respecting Warboss.

A big thanks goes out to Camy, who put in the work assembling and painting up the trophy for the event!

Pics of Da Big Scrap!

At the end of ‘Da Brawl’ the two Warbosses that had scored the most Brutal & the most Kunnin’ victory points squared off against one another to determine who was ‘Da Best’, while all the lads cheered them on from the side lines.

Neil’s Blood Axe Warboss, who’s ‘propa kunnin’, managed to get the first turn and charged Camy’s Mozrog Skragbad, giving him a good thump. It just wasn’t hard enough to put down the venerable Beast Snagga Warboss, who took it on the chin and hit back just as hard, knocking the other Warboss to the ground and taking the title of ‘Da ‘Ardest Warboss’. At least until next year…

A big congrats to Camy and well done to the ladz that took part, there might be even more Orks to fight it out next time around.