Star Wars: X-Wing

Looking for Somewhere to Play Star Wars: X-Wing?

There’s occasionally some Star Wars: X-Wing getting played at club nights at Crossfire Gaming Club. It’s a fun, small scale game game that doesn’t take too long to play and a few people at the club already have some squadrons to use for it.

The club has also recently invested in a couple of star field mats for use with X-Wing and other space based games.

As with most our games, we’d advise arranging games with other players via our Discord Server in advance of club nights.

What is Star Wars: X-Wing?

Star Wars: X-Wing is a small, fast paced dog fighting game where players control between 3-5 ships that face off against one another. Players will have to try and out manoeuvre one another, guess what their opponent intends to do and line up shots on enemy ships, battling it out amongst the stars.

How does it Play?

The game involves reviewing the starfield, then you and your opponent simultaneously locking in your movement decisions for the turn ahead, leading to lots of bluffs, evasions and epic deeds. It gives a wonderful representation of the dogfighting seen in the cinematic universe, as each player attempts to chase down and out-manoeuvre their opponent.

It takes roughly 45 minutes to an hour to get through the average game, so you should be able to get a couple in on a club night!

Since its release the game has expanded out to include the prequels, the sequels, the expanded universe and even rules for larger epic ships like the ‘Tantive IV’. Many ships for this game have found themselves fully “canonised”. For example, the ‘Imperial Raider’, which features prominently in the game ‘Battefront-II’ originally came from the X-Wing game, where a small Star Destroyer style model was needed. (A full scale one would be the size of your kitchen table!)

How to Get Started?

The starter sets for Star Wars: X-Wing are fairly inexpensive and give you a couple ships to start building out your fighter squadron (usually a couple Tie Fighters and an X-Wing). Additionally there are a few different starter packs available for each faction that give you 3-4 ships.

It’s the perfect to time to join the game with new Rebel and Imperial starter boxes giving you a fully pre-painted force and all the rules, dice and templates to play. The club has also been trying the new scenario boxes recently. We just re-enacted ‘Yavin 4’ (Ep4), the ‘Siege of Coruscant’ (Ep3) and the ‘Battle for Endor’ (Ep6) is coming later this year.

We also occasionally play Star Wars: Armada, a very different game where the scale is zoomed out to replace starfighters with capital ships. The rules covering fast paced dog fighting are replaced with rules reflecting the size, inertia and power projection of capital starships.

Who to Talk to about Playing Star Wars: X-Wing at Crossfire?


Richie is the club promoter for Star Wars: X-Wing and has been playing it casually since it came out ten years ago.

If you’re interested in trying Star Wars: X-Wing (or Armada), please contact Richie in the committee who will happily take you through an intro game. It’s a wonderfully simple game that you can just turn up and learn on the night.