Code of Conduct

Our Ethos

Each of us enjoy our games and hobbies our own way, be it painting, playing, lore or anything else. We’d love to be able to make your gaming experience the best we possibly can – so feel free to message any of our groups or speak to any of the committee members when you drop in. Your thoughts are welcome and we can only make this a space that the community can enjoy by hearing from you.

Club Rules

It is out goal to ensure that the gaming experience at the club is fun for everyone, be it veteran gamers or a novice’s first foray into gaming. To that end here are our ground rules that we think will allow everyone the best chance to get the most from our club.

1. Be Respectful of Everyone

Make sure to respect all users, regardless of your liking towards them. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

2. Make Sure Everyone Has a Good Experience

These are GAMES that we play. They should be fun, none of us are keen on losing but it’s part of the nature of the game. As much as possible be a grateful winner and a courteous loser.

3. Keep it Friendly

Friendly games are meant to be just that. We’ll give you chances to use your “Min-Max” army in a more competitive setting but for the most part we are looking for friendly games.

4. Don’t Cheat During Games

Lots of the games that we play are complicated. We all make mistakes with the rules, which should be corrected as quickly as possible. But CHEATING is not ok and may get you banned from future club events.

5. Respect the Club’s Resources

Take care of the club’s resources, be it games, models, tables or terrain. Effort and money has gone into creating and maintaining these and they are provided for everyone’s repeated use. Accidents happen but please try and look after our equipment.

6. Help Others Out If you Can

As much as possible help other players out. Not everyone knows the rules of the game you’re playing as well as you do. The more everyone enjoys their games the more likely they are help build our community. And more people means more opponents to play and increases the chance of playing.

7. Try Not to Get Worked Up

In the heat of the moment its easy to say things that we might not mean. That’s fine however aggressive, abusing or violent behaviour will not be tolerated in any way.

Warhammer 40k
Warhammer 40k