Games Played

Popular Games at Crossfire Gaming Club

We play quite a selection of different games at the club. Regardless of the system you are interested in, we’d strongly suggest joining out Discord Server, as it’s the best place to chat to other attendees and arrange games

Some of the games that you are likely to see at the club includes but isn’t limited to the following:

Warhammer 40k

Warhammer 40k at Crossfire

This is easily our most popular game and on a regular club night most of the tables will often be taken up with battles set in the grimdark 41st millennium. Games are often played from 1-2k points and you shouldn’t have trouble finding an opponent.

There are also plenty of people getting back into the game or just starting out following the new edition launch. It’s a great time to get involved.

Kill Team

Kill Team at Crossfire

Kill Team is another popular game, especially among the committee as it’s not a huge time investment and is pretty easy to pick up.

All you need is roughly 5-10 models, depending on your faction and you can get started.

Blood Bowl

Blood Bowl at Crossfire

Like American Football but in a fantasy setting with a lot more violence!

Quite a few people at the club now have Blood Bowl teams following the kick off of our Beginners League. It’s We will likely do another in the future.

Board Games

Board Games played at Crossfire Gaming Club

Board games are always welcome at the club. We have a pretty active group of board gamers and you are likely to see different ones getting played every now and then.

Add to this the fact that the club will be looking to expand our offering based on what people want to see. If there’s a game you always wanted to play but didn’t want to fork out for, maybe we will buy it.

Star Wars: X-Wing

Star Wars: X-Wing played at Crossfire Gaming Club

A game of dog fighting and tactical manoeuvres as you try to outwit what your opponent is going to do, shake off target locks and blast enemy fighters out of the sky.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

Warhammer Age of Sigmar played at Crossfire Gaming Club

Age of Sigmar (or AoS for short) is a game where fantasy armies of elves, dwarves, undead, humans and more do battle with one another. Which often includes epic heroes and giant monsters.

Marvel Crisis Protocol

Marvel Crisis Protocol  played at Crossfire Gaming Club

Create a team of heroes, or villains from the Marvel universe and do battle with other super teams.

This is one of the newer games to be seen at the club, we’ve also recently ordered a starter set so that anyone can try an intro game.

Star Wars: Shatterpoint

Star Wars Shatterpoint

Another of the newer games to grace the club, this one you create a squad from a selection of characters and fighters from the Star Wars universe.

We have also recently purchased a starter set for this game which will be available to try out once we have it all painted up

Don’t See the Game System You Play?

We play many more games and there is always interest from people to try out and get into new systems. If you don’t mind showing people the ropes and helping them learn then there is bound to be plenty of interest.

We’d suggest joining our Discord Server and trying to arrange games there if you want to play a game system that’s not currently as popular.