Frequently Asked Questions

Where Does the Club Meet?

We currently meet at the Village Hall in Cumbernauld, the address of which is:

Village Hall, The Wynd, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, G67 2ST

Greenfaulds Community Centre
When Does the Club Meet?

On Thursdays from 6pm – 10pm

How Much Does it Cost to Attend?

It is completely free to come along, say hi and check us out.

Your first night’s gaming at the club is also free.

After that, we charge £5 per night to attend.

How Do I Arrange a Game?

We have a dedicated channel in our Discord Server to help people arrange games.

Simply make a post in there, asking if anyone fancies a game, mention what system, how many points and any other info. Alternatively, you can always have a look to see who’s already posted and respond to them. We’ve found this is the easiest way to arrange games on a weekly basis.

What If I Need to Cancel?

If you’ve arranged a game and need to cancel do let us or the person you have arranged a game with know as soon as possible.

We all appreciate that sometimes life gets in the way or throws us a curveball at the last moment and we need to change plans. Just try your best not to leave someone else high and dry at the last minute.

I’m New, How Do I Get Involved/How Do I Get an Intro Game?

The best place thing to do is to join our Discord Server, introduce yourself and say hi.

We have a really great, friendly community on the server and it’s the perfect place to chat, ask questions, share hobby pictures etc and hang out.

Assuming we don’t have any games lined up ourselves, one of the Committee will be more than happy to take you through an introduction game for any systems that you’re interested in. We’d suggest checking out our Games Played pages to find out who’s best to talk to for the systems you’re interested in. If one of us aren’t available then one of our regulars might be more than happy to take you

If Discord isn’t your thing, you can always drop us an email or a message via our Facebook Page.

Do I Need to Bring Anything?

If you don’t have your own army or faction yet don’t worry! The club has its own starter sets and armies that you can borrow to use for some intro games.

What is the Average Age of Attendees?

Most people who attend club nights are 30+

Is There an Age Limit?

The club is primarily aimed at adults, saying that we are not against mature teenagers coming along and would happily welcome anyone 14+

Can I Bring my Child?

The club is primarily aimed at adults and the majority of people who attend are 30+.
We would ask that no kids under the age of 10 are brought along to club nights to play, as we don’t think they would be mature enough.

Some people may not appreciate having young kids hanging about, asking lots of questions and interrupting their games. If you are bringing a child we ask that they either play with you at your table or stay close to your table.

Is There Somewhere I can get Drinks/Snacks?

The club normally sells cans of juice and occasionally some cakes

Can I Bring My Own Drinks/Snacks?

Absolutely! Just try not to get greasy fingers on miniatures, terrain, cards, board games etc

Have a Question that isn’t Listed?

Get in touch with us either via email, on Discord or Social Media