Making The Club’s Necromunda Terrain

terrain fit for the underhive

Making Terrain fit for Gang Warfare

As you may have heard we are gearing up for our first ever Necromunda Campaign at Crossfire. We didn’t think it’d be nearly as popular as it has ended up being, with what looks like 20 gangs taking part!

With that number of people signed up it was clear that we were going to have an issue. Terrain, we just didn’t have enough! It was time to fire up the forges and start making some Necromunda terrain!

Thankfully we had a couple side projects that we were able to expand and finish off. As well as sorting some completely new pieces that’ll be great for battles in the underhive.

As per usual, we have done our best to keep to our high standards. Giving our attendees access to some of the best terrain and gaming tables to play on!

Industrial Container Habs

This is one of our newer sets of terrain from our favourite designer Sacrusmundus. It’s made up of various assortments of shipping containers that have been repurposed into Habitation Blocks.

Stephen has done a great job painting these up over the holidays, making them look weather beaten and lived in.

These will be great for the likes of Necromunda, Kill Team and even Warhammer 40k. As there is plenty of platforms, raised areas and line of sight blocking pieces. We’ve also got some pieces of scatter terrain to help bulk it out.

Dockside Towers

These towers were also designed and initially released as part of the same terrain set by Sacrusmundus as the industrial containers above. However, we decided to expand them by adding a lot of additional towers, gantries and walkways. These will make for some great vertical battles in Necromunda!

This terrain set adds some real danger of falling, with the tallest towers standing at 10″ off the ground. Enough to cause a Strength 9, AP3, Damage 3 automatic hit if someone was unfortunate enough to fall. We hope your gangers aren’t afraid of heights!

Precinct Umbra

This has been a pet project of mine for a while. It is some great looking terrain from The Dragon’s Rest, although cleaning it up and building it takes ages due to all the individual pieces. The results however are impressive, with some great looking sci-fi blocky buildings to battle over.

These are currently still a work in progress but hopefully they should be finished in time for our campaign kick off.

Industrial Enclave

This terrain set of buildings and walkways is designed by Vanguard Terrain. I’ve made enough of these buildings for two, or possibly three tables at a squeeze.

It is modular but with minimal fuss, which is fantastic! This means you can quickly throw a few sections together to create some interesting buildings to fight over. It all prints really nicely and easily with minimal fuss and looks great as well.

I ended up using the bridges, stand alone walls and barrels from this set to bulk out our other terrain sets above. You’ll also notice that this one is done in the club colours, Convict Orange if anyone is interested, seems appropriate!

Zone Mortalis

The club has a full Zone Mortalis board that myself and Curtis got to a ‘playable standard’ about this time last year.

Players will have the option of using this as well during the Necromunda Campaign. Although I will probably take it away one week and add some finishing touches and weathering to it.

Other Terrain

The club also has a couple sets of the Boarding Actions terrain and to be fair a lot of our Warhammer 40k or Skirmish terrain sets would suit as well. I think we’ll be pretty well covered for enough terrain for campaign games.


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