Welcome Back to Crossfire for 2024! 

Crossfire club night

As you will see from a number of our updates we have been working on how best to start the New Year. You’ve got plenty to look forward to this year but we do have some challenges which we aim to overcome.

Firstly, thanks to the National Lottery Grant we received we are on firm financial footing for the new season of gaming but we want to continue to invest in what we think makes our club a great place to play games which means continuing to develop the games that are available and the scenery that we have to offer as well as running some big events over the next year. To do this we need your support – without you all, there really is no Crossfire. 

We want to thank you all for your contributions through our first year, be it welcoming in new people to the club in person or on one of our platforms, playing intro games with new players or just coming down to play games and creating the environment that fosters friendship and inclusion. This is what makes our club special! 

Update on Our Venue – Village Hall

We are still working with the North Lanarkshire Council and the Cumbernauld Village Community Council, who aim to take control of the Cumbernauld Village Hall in 2024. Which should provide us with more access to the facilities and increase the availability of gaming if all goes well.

We have some great plans that we want to move forward but some of this rests on how effective the Community Council will be and how much we can support them in their goal of making the Village Hall a successful venue. At present, through our agreement with the council, we have a subsidised cost of use for the hall but in order to support more comprehensive ownership of the Village Hall, we will need to support the Community Council with a larger financial commitment. In order to do this, whilst continuing to invest in scenery and game systems we are going to slightly alter the pricing structure for the games nights. 

Updated Pricing Structure

cost to play at Crossfire Gaming Club

For new people, coming to play for the first time, their gaming will still be free and those who just want to come down and check us out or introduce themselves there will obviously be no charge.

We are doing away with the upfront club membership cost and we will just be charging a flat rate of £5 to play/attend on a Thursday night

Increased Access to the Hall & More Gaming!

If we can get increased access to the hall at evenings and weekends in future – we would love to offer a quarterly Friday night (6-12) and a monthly Sunday afternoon (12-6) and potentially quarterly tournaments (probably all day on a Saturday), but first we need the Community Council to take control of the hall.

We will also be sending round a poll to see how much interest there is in any of these ideas and also seeking any of your own input and ideas for how you would like the club to support your hobby going forward.

Thank you for all of your support in 2023 and I hope to see you all in 2024 to have fun and roll some dice. 


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