Warhammer 40k Mission Decks

We now have the New Pariah Mission Decks

Hey folks, as mentioned last week, we have now got 10 copies of the new 40k Pariah Nexus Mission Decks in. Helping you get to grips with the updated Warhammer 40k scenarios from the off!

Using the Club’s Mission Decks

The decks will be available at the club to use on Thursday nights (remember we will be at Banknock Community Hall from next Thurs) and should hopefully save folks having to buy or bring their own copies.

Each night these will be handed out on a first come, first served basis. So give one of the committee a shout either in person or on Discord if you want to grab a copy to use for the night.

Looking After the Mission Decks

Also just a friendly reminder to make sure you pop all cards and the objective markers back in the boxes at the end of the night before handing them back in. So everything is there and ready to go for the next time it’s used, as it makes life a bit easier for us all.



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