Club Providing 40k Mission Decks

Chapter Approved Pariah Nexus Mission Deck

Forgot Your Mission Cards? No Problem!

Hey folks, just a quick update to say that, as Warhammer 40k is one of our most popular games and the fact that there is always at least one person without a mission pack on a club night (myself included). The committee has decided to go ahead and buy 10 sets of the new Chapter Approved Pariah Nexus Mission Decks for use during club nights.

These will live at the club and be available for use on a first come first served basis. Maybe this could save some folks a bit of money but we’re aware some people like to have their own copies as well.

We hope that 10 sets should be enough to ensure everyone can play the latest missions, although if we do run out, we would always point people towards the very useful Tabletop Battles App. Which we are sure will be getting updated soon if it isn’t already.

Respecting Club Property

We know that everyone puts in a great effort to keep things in a good condition at the club and we’d just ask that the same is done with the card decks. We’d appreciate it if folks could make sure that all cards and objective markers are returned to their box at the end of the night and handed back in.

Cheers & Happy Gaming!



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