Announcing Our 40K League

40k League

Kicking off our First League Season

With the 40K Championship starting to wind down and before we kick off the narrative campaign in the Autumn, we are excited to announce a Warhammer 40K semi-competitive league!

Getting Involved/Level of Commitment

For those interested in joining, you’ll initially be placed into tiers based on ability. If you join later, you’ll start in the lowest tier and work your way up.

The League will be made up of individual division groupings, most likely with 5 players in each. Meaning you’ll have 3 months to play 8 games. Keep in mind that when we move back to the Cumbernauld Village Hall from the 15th August, the club will be back to Mondays & Thursdays each week.

During each season, the goal is to play each person in your division twice, once at ‘Home’ and once ‘Away’. Matches are expected to be played at the club. For your ‘Home’ games, you get to choose the points (1500, 1750 or 2000) as well as the final say on what mission from our agreed list below.

Can’t Commit Just Now?

If you cannot play this time, don’t worry—after each season, we will open the leagues to new players and remove any who no longer wish to compete. Games will be played during our nights at Banknock over the summer and will return to the full hall in mid-August, running on both Mondays and Thursdays when available.

Might Not Manage All Your Games?

No problem! There is no requirement to get all of your games in, obviously those who do play all of their 8 games will have a better chance of progressing upwards in the standings.

Scoring in the League

Games in the league will be scored as normal, the final result will determine how many League Points each player receives following their game:

  • 3 Points for a Win
  • 1 Point for a Draw
  • 0 Points for a Loss

We will retain your individual game score difference, in event of ties in League Points. The league will run for 3 months from July to September. At the end of each season, winners of each division will receive a prize.

League scores will be updated weekly on Discord.

Moving Up/Down Divisions

The lowest 4 players from the Golden Throne Division (assuming 5 players in that league) and the lowest 2 from each 1st division will be demoted. The top 2 players from each division will be promoted*. The aim is for everyone to get some semi-competitive games and a good flow of opponents. The Golden Throne Division will also change after each season with most players moving to other leagues.
*Some of these numbers may be subject to change depending on the number of participants

Crossfire 40k League Graphic

The number of divisions and players in each will depend on the number of sign-ups before the league kicks off. The diagram above is an example, we may end up with more or fewer divisions depending on uptake.

The names for each division will be open to a public vote once we have the numbers.

Army Lists & Restrictions

You are not tied to specific armies or lists and can vary your list match to match. Rules and points will change with any new updates (though changes released on game day will not be included).

Arranging Games

When arranging your games, agree on who is the Home Team, Mission and Faction. Army lists are blind, but your opponent should know your faction (not the detachment). You can run any codex or index army, but if you want to include Legends, confirm this with your opponent beforehand.

Battle Ready (Painted Army) Points

To achieve the 10 points for a fully painted force, each model must have at least 3 colors and be based in some way.

League Missions

For selecting missions for Season 1, the Home player rolls 2D6 (Ideally in Discord) and then picks from the results which mission they want to play and at what points level. If doubles are rolled you can reroll both D6. This allows both players to go into a game knowing the mission.

If you can’t decide who will play the home mission, roll a D6 in Discord; the player with the highest roll will be the ‘Home Team’.

  1. Tipping Point – Linchpin – Prepared Positions
  2. Seeping Engagement – Burden of Trust – Stalwarts
  3. Crucible of Battle – Purge the Foe – Fog of War
  4. Search and Destroy – Terraform – Swift Action
  5. Dawn of War – Take and Hold – Raise Banners
  6. Hammer and Anvil – Supply Drop – Adapt or Die

We’re adding this to make the missions a bit fairer instead of one person playing the same mission for every home game.

All About Having Fun & Playing More People!

If you need any rules clarified during your games, speak to a committee member for adjudication.

Please sign up via Discord and message/catch me in person or any other committee member if you have any questions. We hope everyone enjoys some semi-competitive games against a variety of opponents and, most importantly, has fun rolling dice!


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