Playing Warcry in Cumbernauld

Looking for somewhere near Cumbernauld or Glasgow to try out Warcry or try out tabletop wargaming for the first time?

If you’re new to playing wargames or haven’t given them a go yet, there is no better place to start than a few games of Games Workshop’s Warcry Skirmish game.

The reason for this is that it’s a very inexpensive game compared to most, you rarely need more than 10 models to form a warband. The rules are also very simple and easy to pick up after a few activations.

As with most our games, we’d advise arranging games with other players via our Discord Server in advance of club nights to avoid disappointment.

What is Warcry?

Warcry is a tabletop skirmish wargame set in the fantasy universe of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. It focuses on smaller-scale engagements between small warbands in a dynamic and fast-paced gameplay style.

The narrative aspect is a core element of the game, with various campaigns, scenarios, and quests that add depth to the battles. Players can create their own stories, exploring the lore-rich world of Age of Sigmar while battling for glory, survival, or specific objectives. The game encourages creative modelling, allowing players to customize their miniatures to reflect their warband’s unique identity.

We wouldn’t call Warcy a competitive game as it has a much more narrative focused. It’s often filled with fun and iconic moments such as epic showdowns, all-or-nothing last ditch actions and unexpected twists and turns. For example when one of your weakest fighters surprises everyone by rolling multiple critical hits

In essence, Warcry provides a gateway into the rich Warhammer Age of Sigmar universe through smaller-scale, narrative-driven skirmishes. Its blend of strategy, customization, and storytelling offers a compelling and accessible experience for both newcomers to tabletop wargaming and seasoned veterans.

How Does it Play?

Warcry is played on a 22″ by 30″ board, which is much smaller than larger wargames such as Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar.

To play the game, players will assemble warbands, each belonging to different factions in the Age of Sigmar setting. These warbands might include chaos cultists, mighty warriors, monstrous creatures, and more.

The game’s rules are designed for quick and streamlined gameplay, featuring special abilities, tactics, and interactive environments that keep battles engaging and unpredictable.

Players alternate activating models, each of which gets 2 actions a turn. these are limited to: Move, Attack, Disengage and Wait. There are some further rules but that’s more or less the jist of it.

Getting into Warcry

Quite a few people at the club have really enjoyed Warcry, although there aren’t any ongoing events or campaigns currently a lot of people do enjoy it more as a ‘pick up’ game, making it a nice change of pace from some of the more rules heavy systems.

Who to Talk to About Getting Involved?


The best person to talk to either about arranging a game of Warcry or to find out more about it.

He’s been playing the game since the initial release and while might not be 100% up to date with the most recent version 2.0 rules of the game does know it pretty well to take folks through it. He’s also more than happy to bring along his own copy of the game (which includes 2 warbands) for folks to try out on club nights.