Campaign Relics

As mentioned previously, we will be using our own Home brewed relics for the Balecaster Crusade, which your heroes and characters may be able to uncover if they are lucky!

Level 1 – Artificer Relics

Artificer Weapon

Select one weapon that the model is equipped with (excluding a Relic or a weapon that has been enhanced by the Weapon Enhancement Battle Honour). That weapon now has SUSTAINED HITS 1. This is now a Relic Weapon and cannot be further modified.

Artisan Bionics

INFANTRY or MOUNTED only. Add 1 to the model’s Strength characteristic for Melee Attacks. In addition, the model has a 5+ Feel No Pain.

Bio-weave cloak

INFANTRY CHARACTER only. The bearer gains the Stealth keyword and always counts as having the Benefit of Cover.

Blackstone Ankh

Models in the bearer’s unit gain a 5+ Feel No Pain against Mortal Wounds.

Conversion Field

The bearer gains a 5+ invulnerable save. In addition, each time a successful saving throw is made against a melee attack, roll a D6. On the roll of a 6, a Mortal Wound is inflicted on the attacking unit.

Frenzon Injector

INFANTRYMOUNTED or MONSTER only. You can re-roll Advance and Charge rolls made for this model’s unit. In addition, add 1 to this model’s melee weapon Attacks characteristic during any turn in which its unit made a charge move (including using the Heroic Intervention stratagem) or was charged.

Master-crafted Armour

Add 1 to the bearer’s Armour Saving throws (but not invulnerable saves). In addition, the model gains a 6+ Feel No Pain against Mortal Wounds. Their armour is now Relic Armour – it cannot be further modified.

Obsidian Edge

Close combat weapon only – weapon becomes a Relic Weapon. This weapon now has LETHAL HITS. 

Solar Shift Core

You can re-roll Advance and Charge rolls made for the bearer’s unit. Additionally, the target unit of a charge may not use the overwatch the stratagem.

Level 2 – Antiquity Relics

Advanced Honeycomb Blade

Select one of the model’s melee weapons, it now has Anti-Infantry 2+. This is now a Relic Weapon and cannot be further modified.

Archeotech Nano-med

INFANTRY only. The first time this model is destroyed, keep it to one side; at the end of the current phase, roll one D6. On a 2+, set this model back up again, as close as possible to its previous position, with D3 wounds remaining.

Dark Age Displacer Belt

INFANTRY only. Instead of making a Normal Move or Falling Back in your Movement phase, this model’s unit can be removed from the battlefield and then set back up on the battlefield, anywhere that is more than 9″ from any enemy models. This ability can only be used once use per battle.

Experimental Combat Drugs

INFANTRY CHARACTER model only. At any point in the battle the character can choose to administer these drugs. When it does so it gains +1 Strength, +1 Toughness, +1 Attack and +1 Damage to its melee weapons for the rest of the battle. However in EVERY future Command Phase (for both players) the model must make a Leadership check and if it fails suffers D3 Mortal Wounds.

Graviton Hardened Armour

Incoming damage is reduced by 1 against this model to a minimum of 1. Their armour is now Relic Armour – it cannot be further modified.

Hieroptek Staff

The bearer has the following ability: ‘Hieroptek Staff (Aura): Subtract 1 from the Attacks characteristic (to a minimum of 1) of enemy models while they are within Engagement Range of the bearer.’

Neural Indentured Communication

The model’s attached unit has +1 to both BS and WS on all weapons. But the model itself is -1 to both its BS and WS on all weapons.

Sniper Sights

Single ranged weapon only. That weapon gains the PRECISION key word. This is now a Relic Weapon and cannot be further modified.

Level 3 – Legendary Relics

Amulet of Perception

The bearer has the FIGHTS FIRST ability – only the bearer has this ability, not any unit they are attached to.

Deja Vu Device

INFANTRY CHARACTER only. After deployment ends but before the game begins mark the location of this character on the board. At any point in the mission or if the character is reduced to 0 wounds then this relic may be activated. On a 2+ the device is successful, the character is reset to his starting position with the number of wounds they started the battle with. Any progress made towards Agendas by this character is lost and the character is considered slain for all rules purposes. If the dice roll fails the character is slain immediately. Only one use per battle.

Determination Dog Tags

INFANTRY CHARACTER model only. If this character is reduced to 0 wounds it is not removed from the board but counts as having one wound remaining until the end of the battle round. It can act normally until then at which point it is slain.

Neuro Disruption Poison

Pick one of the character’s melee weapons. They now have +1 to wound with this weapon. This is now a Relic Weapon and cannot be further modified.

Null-field Disruptor

Invulnerable saves cannot be made against attacks made with this model’s melee weapons.

Phase-Shift Armour

INFANTRY CHARACTER only. This model now has the LONE OPERATIVE special ability. Their armour is now Relic Armour – it cannot be further modified.

Void Armour

incoming damage against this model is halved (rounding up). The model also has a 6+ Feel No pain. Their armour is now Relic Armour – it cannot be further modified.