Gaming Club Based in Cumbernauld

Are you looking for somewhere to play Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Blood Bowl, Star Wars: X-Wing or some other wargames or board games?

We have regular weekly meet ups in Cumbernauld on Thursday evenings with plenty of space to play all sorts of games.

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News & Updates

New Promethium Refinery Terrain

Check out our new Promethium Refinery terrain!

What's planned for 2024 at Crossfire Gaming Club
News & Updates

What’s Planned for 2024

We’ve already got a few things planned for 2024, check out what’s coming

40k CampaignNews & Updates

Crusade Week 12 Summary & Map Bonuses

The results from week 12 and team buffs going into week 13

40k CampaignNews & Updates

Phase 4 – Battle for a Ravaged Realm

The battered remnants of each alliance soldier on toward the final battle

What we play and do

Club Meetings

We meet to play games on Thursday nights from 6pm -10pm

Internal Events & Campaigns

Still early days but we will be looking to run different events and campaigns once the club is up and running


We will be looking to run full day tournaments, single day narrative campaigns and other weekend events in the future

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