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Crusade Week 12 Summary & Map Bonuses

The results from week 12 and team buffs going into week 13

Phase 4 – Battle for a Ravaged Realm

The battered remnants of each alliance soldier on toward the final battle

Crusade Week 11 Updates

The front lines are being increasingly redrawn this week

And… Another Nuke Week 10 Update

10 weeks in and the Green Team fire their 2nd Nuke!

Crusade Week 9 Kicks Off

Week 9 of our Warhammer 40k Crusade map updates

Claiming Hexes Phase 3

Updates to taking hexes on the Crusade map in Phase 3

Data Intercept – Week 6 Update

Teams scramble to capture unclaimed land following a nuclear blast

The War Has Escalated..

One of the teams in our campaign decided to launch a nuke at the planet surface

Preparing for the Onslaught

Despite initial doubts, your alliance holds, it's time to press the advantage!