Phase 4 – Battle for a Ravaged Realm

The very air is ashen. Fierce winds whip through the continent bringing radiation, disease and the stench of death. The remnants of the population discuss the “end times” – their once beautiful, backwards world whose very existence hangs in the balance, but a frightful memory in their minds. The intruders have pillaged these lands, taken what sustenance they can from its cities, its fields and its lakes in order to quench their thirst for supplies and gather what they can to finalise their escape plans. 

A choice is coming. Will you save this world from the coming darkness or will you leave it to its fate as you seek your own amongst the stars once more? But the choice is not yours alone, soon you will be required to wrest this choice from that of others – who have their own plans, dreams and desires. But before you make those choices you need to ensure there is a world left to save or a planet left to leave – take what you can and leave no quarter. None will be left for you if you fail.

The Last Full Phase of the Crusade

Welcome to Phase 4 of the Balecaster Crusade. We have had some issues with everyone getting their games in for Phase 3 so you will be able to play the last of the Phase 3 games on Thursday the 16th of November as well as start Phase 4 games the same day for those who have completed all their games already. Phase 4 finishes on the 7th of December and the FINAL BATTLE – Phase 5 will be on Thursday the 14th of December. 

The campaign is starting to take its toll on some of the armies – the increased cost of removing the battle scars has meant units are now facing combat with more injuries than before whilst others are basking in the glory of their upgrades. With two Necron monoliths contesting the knight armies for dominance there are some big centre-piece models entering the fray with a host of boons. 

There are no changes to the crusade for Phase 4 – those playing Phase 3 games will suffer fallout from the nuclear explosion but it has dissipated by the start of phase 4 (phew…).

Phase 4 Scenarios

We have, as usual, three scenarios to choose from in Phase 4 – I have tried to keep them fairly simple so that we complete as many games as possible ahead of the final confrontation. The land missions focus on the dying world – you will note that you score the points for the objectives at the end of the battle round to give those going second a decent chance of scoring. 

I hope you all enjoy the missions – the end is almost nigh…


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