Crusade Week 9 Kicks Off

Start of Phase 3 Map Updates

Phase 3 of our Warhammer 40k Crusade kicked off this week, while we were at Muirfield Community Centre and the Crusade Map is filling up nicely as a result.

Crusade Map-week 9

A quick run down of the changes this week:

Yellow Team

With the radioactive fallout reducing to somewhat safe levels, the Yellow Team swarmed into the ruined wasteland, which is all that’s left of most of the capital city Nova Landing. Claiming it as their own and sweeping across all 7 Hexes.

Orange Team

The Orange Team have fought back and secured the mountain ridges north east of the map by taking 4/5 Hexes, consolidating their hold.

Blue Team

On the surface, the Blue Team continued their expansion to the south west, back-filling the area they initially cordoned of from any rival alliances. Additionally, they have also expanded their hold on the Space Hulk, claiming a further 2 Hexes and spreading their influence to become the 3rd biggest player on the Hulk.

Purple Team

The Purple Team made an initial push into Yellow held territory, taking 2 Hexes off of them. We’ll see if they can hold it the following week. While not looking to be outdone and lose their number 2 slot for most successful alliance on the Space Hulk, they expanded their control by a further Hex bringing their total up to 5 (One more than Blue).

Red Team

While Purple were focused on making inroads into Yellow‘s territory, the Red Team conducted a lighting strike, taking a foothold on the edge of their territory and then pushing in to occupy the town of Walker’s Haven. Sneaky Reds!

Green Team

The Green Team continued to expand their control of the Space Hulk, and hold 2 Launch Sites that still have a payload that can be fired at the surface, although plenty of rivals are starting to make inroads on to the Hulk.

Crusade Map-Space Hulk - week 9

The Rest of Phase 3

Phase 3 of our Crusade has only just kicked off. It certainly looks like things are going to get quite interesting moving forward, especially on the surface map as teams will start forcibly taking land from one another. There wasn’t any nuclear warheads fired this week, possibly due to us not having the physical map handy at Muirfield but we will wait with baited breath to see what happens next week and find out if the Green Team‘s trigger finger is getting itchy.

Maybe they’ll use it as a deterrent? All we do know is that apparently some Space Wolves have wrestled control of that alliance from the Greenskins


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