Claiming Hexes Phase 3

Hey folks, just a quick post to draw attention to the fact that some of the rules for capturing locations on the campaign map for our Warhammer 40k Crusade have been updated for Phase 3.

We are still applying the rules that you must take any unclaimed hexes that are available to you before you can forcibly take territory from rival players. For these, the same rules apply as previously.

However, if your alliance has nowhere to expand into, then you have the option of taking hexes from the opponent’s team that you played.

Taking Hexes from other Teams

As some of the alliances are already finding themselves ‘boxed in’. They can now take territory from opponents that they win games against. This will be restricted to the closest hexes, although if there are a few options the winning player may chose which ones they wish to gain control over.

See below on the criteria for taking control of hexes

Game OutcomeCampaign Map Reward
Win a Game1 Controlled Hex
Win by more than 25 VPs1 Additional Hex
Win by more than 50 VPs1 Additional Hex

Additionally, we are adding in a rule called Desperate Holdout.

When a team controls 10 Hexes or less on the surface map, they will fall under the ‘Desperate Holdout’ status, where their forces will fight tooth and nail to hold onto what they already have. As such, taking their territory will prove more difficult. Wins against a team that falls under this status will instead use the table below.

Game OutcomeCampaign Map Reward
Win a Game1 Controlled Hex
Win by more than 45 VPs1 Additional Hex
Win by more than 90 VPs1 Additional Hex

This will make it a bit harder to completely wipe an alliance off of the map, which isn’t fun for those in that team if it happens.

All of these details have been added to or updated on the Crusade page to help make them easier to find.


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