And… Another Nuke Week 10 Update

We’re into the second week of Phase 3 of our Warhammer 40k Crusade and the green team decided that they’d fire the second warhead of their captured nuclear arsenal.

This one was initially set to target the large lake to the east of the continent that provides a lot of fresh water for the surrounding area. Whether this was a tactical move or they just wanted to hit everyone around this area equally those outside team Green can only guess at.

A Cruel Twist of Fate

Whether by a stroke of misfortune or the intervention of cruel gods, the warhead veered off course, slamming into the town of Ironridge. The village, garrisoning units and all surrounding areas have been decimated, leaving nothing but a radioactive wasteland. The effects of which were felt across the continent.

Nuclear Fallout

Due to the detonation, at the start of any Phase 3 game all players now have to roll for each unit that starts on the table. On the roll of a 3+, that unit suffers 2D3 Mortal Wounds

Note: Yes I got it wrong and every unit got 2D3 Mortal Wounds last night, but Simon wasn’t there and the Nuke just hit so *shrug*

Additionally, at the start of each player’s Command Phase, they must test against a Battleshock test for each unit, if failed they suffer an additional D3 Mortal Wounds and are Battleshocked.

Map Updates

Crusade Map week 10

To the West Yellow Team pushed behind enemy lines from their lone holdout and managed to steal both the town of Fernwood and the Dread Keep from the Blue Team. While to the south they also managed to push back the Green Team‘s advances, taking the port town of Dirkswood.

Purple Team also made some ground into Blue Team‘s territory, pushing their defensive lines back to Ravenshold Castle, where they were their advance was checked.

Despite some losses to the north, Blue Team made some gains and captured two of the unclaimed areas to the south.

Orange Team captured the last of the unclaimed mountainous regions in the far north and then started to push south into Yellow Team‘s territory. Putting the Startstone Circle at risk.

Green Team fired the 2nd of 3 nukes, which landed square on the town of Ironridge, wiping out a sizable section of Red Team‘s holdings.

There were no changes on the Space Hulk this week, though with more Fallout Damage, maybe people will consider fighting there instead.

Crusade Map-Space Hulk - week 9


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