Phase 5: The Final Battle


Earthquakes rattle the world repeatedly. Structures collapse from the strain. Strange tears in reality are forming. The hulk is now visible with the naked eye in the sky above. The SKY IS FALLING! The end is nigh! The last of the civilian populace flee the remaining villages and towns to avoid being crushed by the very buildings they constructed. Panic swirls in the masses as the end closes in, even though these usurpers have caused death and destruction, even though they have brought nuclear war to the continent, this is not their fault – the doom of Balecaster IV is not by their hands. They are merely heralds of the end times. 

The Orks continue to tinker with the space station bringing it into the gravitational pull of the planet.  A powerful, kunnin’ and crazy Mek has constructed a portal to bring more of their demon allies through to support their assault on the planet. But does he really understand what he has built? Will the gaffer tape hold and keep the portal open with fierce gravitational forces starting to pull the planet apart? And what of the strange rips to the warp that are forming over the planet’s surface? The demons care not. Any chance to taste the material universe is welcome to their senses. 

Your troops are restless, they know that your options are limited, that you have done your best. But they want to survive. Or die for a worthy cause in glorious battle. They need you to lead them, one last time. They need to know there is hope; that survival is possible. So which way will you lead them? Will you be the hero? Save the world? Or will you abandon anyone unable to move quickly, yield the sick or injured and leave the populace to their untimely ends? 

The Final Battle!

Phase 5 is upon us and the End is Nigh! This month we only have a single mission to close out our Warhammer 40k narrative campaign, which looks to decide the outcome for the world. We hope you have enjoyed the Crusade and the chance to develop your armies over the previous months. We have done our best to balance the games as much as possible without intervening too much in the games. 

We want the majority of the final games of the crusade to be fought on the 14th of December though those who cannot make it can play on the 21st. We will tally up all the results after the 14th and have a prize giving on the 21st along with a small celebration that we have completed our first year as a club! 

You can read the rules for the mission this month. Just to point out that the game size is 1,800 points but you will ALSO get the benefits of ALL of the command benefits for this month which means you will get the following:

  • Strategic Prowess – You begin the game with 1 additional CP
  • Additional Resources – when selecting units from your roster for this game, you may add 50 additional points to your army (so your points limit will be 1,850)
  • Effective Command – select one additional unit to receive additional experience for Marked for Greatness
  • Martial Prowess – for the duration of this game you gain 1 free use of the Command Reroll Stratagem 

The way the games will be grouped for phase 5 is as follows – once we have names down for everyone who is playing you will play the adjacent player (up or down) on the individual leaderboard who is not in your team (1st place will play 2nd, 3rd will play 4th etc).  

You will, however, LOSE all your map-based advantages as you abandon them and concentrate your forces for the final battle. 

Before each game you will have to decide if you are saving the world or escaping to space. If you both want the same option then roll off to decide. At the end of the game please bring your score up to the desk and we will add them to the running total to see what happens to the planet. There will also be a short prize giving at the end of the campaign which will include:

  • Best overall Alliance
  • Best overall Player
  • Character with the best kill tally
  • Best narrative army story across the length of the campaign (popular vote)
  • Wooden spoons for the worst alliance

Happy Crusading and may your chosen deity have mercy upon your soul! 


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