Age of Sigmar Escalation League

Wastrels to Warlords

The time has come, the mortal realms call all budding warlords and those who seek to wage war in the name of order, death, destruction and chaos.

We want to play Warhammer Age of Sigmar (AoS) at Crossfire, and we’re eager to help you learn to play it too. Starting any new game system is always hard, especially ones as large scale and seemingly complex as large army tabletop games.

Our escalation league is primarily aimed at new players to the game looking to get started in the mortal realms, or people early in their Sigmar journey looking for motivation to build out their force and get more games in with them. But all are welcome to join in regardless of experience.

What is an Escalation League?

An Escalation League is a format where players start with small armies and gradually expand them over several months. Beginning with modest forces, participants progressively add units and points to their armies at scheduled intervals.

This incremental growth allows players to familiarise themselves with their armies, develop strategies, and engage in organised matches throughout the league. It’s a structured and engaging way for both new and experienced players to build and refine their armies over time.

Age of Sigmar finished armies

Age of Sigmar League Timeline

April 18th – Initiation

Goal: Start with roughly 750pt maximum force (roughly a vanguard box), 1 colour (can just be primer), and 1 fully painted test model for the faction. Must have at least 1 battleline unit & 1 hero as warlord. No Behemoths at this point (excludes Sons of Behemat)

June 6th – First Trial

Goal: 1200 point maximum force. 2 colours on all models. 1 unit fully painted and based. Must have at least 1 battleline unit and 1 hero as warlord. Maximum 2 Behemoths (excludes Sons of Behemat)

August 1st – Second Trial

Goal: 1500 point maximum force. 3 Colours on all models. 2 Units fully painted and based. Force must have at least 2 battleline units and at least 1 Hero as warlord. Maximum 2 behemoths. (Excludes Sons of Behemut)

October 3rd – Third Trial

Goal: 2000 points force. All models fully painted and based. Force must have at least 3 battleline units and 1 hero as warlord. Maximum 4 behemoths.

October 31st  – Achievement Ceremony

The league is intended to be very laid back and chilled, where you all get to explore and learn the game together with likeminded people, all chasing the end result of having a fully painted army at the end that they know how to use on the tabletop and be proud of.

There will be points to be scored, because it can’t be called a league without some sort of scoring, but these are designed to motivate progress rather than to push competitiveness. You are encouraged to play as many games as you can but we would recommend at least 2 or 3 in any given trial period to ensure you get the rules down and don’t have to relearn the game each time. We will be using the latest Generals Handbook for all rules and all relevant Errata and FAQ and will move with any updates Games Workshop implements so that we all stay relevant.

Points Breakdown

Each phase of the league, players will have the chance to earn points for their army and the progress they’ve made with them.

  • 1 point for each fully painted and based unit
  • 1 point for every game played at the club
  • 1 point for every game played against another warlord in the escalation league
  • 3 points for each fully painted large behemoth model. 100mm+ base size.

Accolades to be Earned

At the end of the league there will also be a selection of accolades to be given out.

  • Best Fully painted force
  • Best painted model
  • Best Sportsmanship
  • Best Warlord (points/wins)

A sign up channel will be created on our Discord Server. Please put your name and the intended faction there and consider yourself an aspiring warlord.

We can’t wait to get started!


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