We’re at Muirfield for Easter

Hey folks, just a quick one to say that we are not going to be at the Village Hall over the next couple of weeks due to North Lanarkshire Council closing the hall during term time holidays. Annoying we are aware, but there is little we can do sadly.

Muirfield Community Centre

Instead, we will be at the Muirfield Community Centre in Cumbernauld on the following dates:

  • Wed 3rd Arpil
  • Wed 10th April

There was already a booking on Thursday evenings at Muirfield, so we’ve had to go with the Wednesday instead for the next couple of weeks.

We’ve booked the Muirfield Community Centre earlier this time to avoid any complaints about early arrivals from the caretaker on duty. He had a moan at people who arrived 10-15 mins early last time we booked the hall.

The club will be at the normal time of 6-10pm on both dates, though as mentioned above you can arrive earlier. We have the hall booked from 5pm but there likely won’t be any tables, mats, terrain or hobby tools etc till closer to 6pm.

Reduced Tables

Despite claims from NLC that Muirfield should be able to ‘easily accommodate us’, the Community Centre has confirmed that it can make 16 trestle tables available (so enough for 8 games). They might be able to scrape together another 4, so potentially 10 tables.

We will be bringing all of the club’s own tables, which will add another 6.

So we should have between 14-16 tables available, when we normally have 23.

We’d ask people to get bookings in early, we’d also greatly appreciate if some people don’t mind playing games that have more than two players.

Where is the Muirfield Community Centre?

The Muirfield Community Centre is located in the heart of Cumbernauld, round the corner from the Police Station and Farmfoods.


1a S Muirhead Rd, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 1AX

Find The Community Centre on Google Maps


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