New Mats for Age of Sigmar & Old World

age of sigmar and old world mats

As the demand for Age of Sigmar and Old World games has grown at the club, it became evident that we lacked a sufficient supply of grassy or fantasy-themed battle mats. While we do have several mats suitable for both fantasy and sci-fi settings, it’s clear that we have an excess of sci-fi battleground mats that wouldn’t be suitable for games based in a fantasy setting.

We also have the Age of Sigmar Escalation league on the horizon to consider, so that made the decision easy, we needed to get some more mats. Club funds have been a bit low recently, one fact of this is that the club has invested in eight fold down tables, so we can host more games (and it looks like we are going to need more!).

As such we’ve added a total of 4 new fantasy themed gaming mats to our collection, although these will easily work for game system set in the modern era or sci-fi battles.

Some of our New Mats in Action

Our new mats seen their first games last Thursday at the Village Hall.

Age of Sigmar game on one of our net gaming mats
old world game on cobblestone mat
Old World game on New grass Mat

Continuing to Invest in the Club

Any money that the club makes gets invested right back into it to pay for things like extra tables, new gaming mats, brilliant terrain to play on and other bits and pieces. None of this would be possible without the support of all our members and ever expanding community.


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