Meet Our Newest Committee Member

crossfire gaming club new committee member

We’re delighted to announce that we extended the invitation to Neil join the committee, which has been accepted. It likely won’t come as a shock to most people, as he already goes out of his way to say hi to any new folks, make sure they are welcomes, point them to who plays the same systems, run intro games, help with setup & tear down each night and help make sure club nights run smoothly. He’s also been a great advocate for the club, singing it’s praises and telling everyone about it. As well as doing whatever he can to make our club the best it can be.

He’s basically already doing the job!

Who’s Neil You Ask?

If you don’t know who Neil is, he’s the guy usually shouting “WAAAAAGGHH” most nights as his Ork Boyz do him proud, charging across the battlefield, looking to get to grips with their opponents. Win or loose, he is always a fantastic opponent to play against and you can guarantee it’ll always be a fun game!

Here he is winning the award for Best Narrative Story via the public vote.

As we were doing a narrative campaign, players were able to write up some narrative stories detailing the progression of their armies. We had some great entries, although Neil really pushed to boat out with his short 20,000+ word epic, all written in the first person perspective of the Grot called Erm. Who is Warboss Nobbiz’s ‘Chief Wurd Scribbla‘ and has been tasked of keeping a record of da bosses’ impressive deeds.

We’ll make sure to post this and other fantastic stories players came up with from our narrative Warhammer 40k campaign in the future.

In the Meantime…

I’m sure you’ll all join me in congratulating Neil on joining the committee and thanking him for all the effort he’s already been putting in.


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  1. Az da Orkiest memba ov da Boss’z I promiss 2 bring da klub da best fightz, 2 alwayz haz moar dakka 4 it’z memba’z & only krump da gitz wen dey need a gud krumpin’!

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