National Lottery Community Fund

Some of our members with National Lottery Community Fund flags

Funding from the National Lottery

We are thrilled to announce that our wargaming & board games club has received a generous grant from the National Lottery Community Fund! This grant is a significant achievement for us and will help us to further develop the club and provide more opportunities for our members. It will also allow us to continue providing a safe and welcoming space for tabletop gamers of all ages and backgrounds to come together and enjoy their favourite games.

What We Plan to Do

Thanks to the funding, we will be able to secure our venue hire, expand our collection of wargaming terrain, mats and board games as well as purchase new equipment. We’re planning to host some events and tournaments in the future, which will help provide opportunities for gamers to compete, socialize, and build friendships. We are also looking to getting some starter sets/armies that the club will own, to allow people to try out some different games without needing to own an army.

Another use of the funding is that it’ll help us to promote and grow the club & attend external events.

Club night at Crossfire

The National Lottery Supports Communities

The National Lottery Community Fund is committed to supporting organizations that make a positive difference in their communities, and we are honoured to be among the recipients of this year’s grants. Gaming is a fun and engaging way to bring people together in a social environment, and we are grateful for the opportunity to continue doing so with the help of this grant. If you’re involved in a local a gaming club we’d strongly recommend submitting an application.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the National Lottery Community Fund for their support, and we look forward to using this funding to make our gaming club an even better place for people to come and play games, socialize and make friends.

From all of us on the Committee and on behalf of all of our members we want to say a massive thank you to players of the National Lottery, who make funding for communities like ours possible!


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