Our First Narrative Scenario

The Eternity Wall guarded by a Leviathan Dreadnought

A Warhammer 40k Custom Narrative Scenario

If you’ve been along to the club recently you might have noticed the Eternity Wall dominating one of the boards at the club. This is our new narrative scenario that we’ve pulled together to make things a little more fun than just playing regular games of Warhammer 40k.

Some of our members jokingly asked for a trailer when we announced something big was on its way…

As part of this scenario we’ve also added a Roll of Honour, in order for folks to be added to this they need to first successfully assault the wall and then defend it. A little caveat we added is that it has to be with the same army list to keep it interesting.

A massive kudos to Justin, who has just successfully become the first person to make it onto the Roll of Honour, we’re excited to see who else will get their name onto it.

Its all about Having Fun!

When the committee first got together and decided to form the club, this is exactly the kind of thing that we wanted to do. Making fun scenarios, campaigns, leagues, tournaments & events etc for our members to enjoy. The waiting list to face the wall is already pretty packed, so we’ve opted for a random draw each week to see who gets to take it on. If you want to get involved and add your name make sure to give us a shout!

We’ll be doing more things like this in the future, and already have a couple ideas but do feel free to share any you might have.


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