Temporary Accommodation Booked

Following up on our venue being closed over the Easter Break, we’ve managed to arrange some temporary accommodation for next week so that we can still get together and get some games in!

Our New Location for One Week Only!

We have been in touch with the Cumbernauld British Legion and have booked out their smaller hall for Wednesday the 12th of April from 6pm onwards. We tried to book it for Thursday but unfortunately it was fully booked and Wednesday afternoon was the only time they had available at such short notice.

We have booked out the smaller hall, seen in the picture below.

This should be plenty space for us to get some games on the go!


By a stroke of luck the committee attended an event the other day and happen to have a lot of terrain and mats handy so we should be ok to get some tables set up. We also have table toppers for 3x full sized games of 40k/other similar sized games, assuming the tables in the hall aren’t large enough.

Regardless, we’d say this could be the perfect opportunity to play some smaller games (Blood Bowl, Kill Team) or maybe some board games!

Additionally, we won’t have our Card Reader handy (as it’s currently locked away safely in our usual venue). Feel free to bring cash as we won’t be able to take digital payments and will have to go old school, failing that you can always square us up another time!


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