Venue Closed for the Easter Holidays

Unfortunately our venue, the Village Hall in Cumbernauld will be closed over the school holidays. This impacts Thursday the 6th of April and the following Thursday the 13th of April, on which dates we will not have access to the building, despite it having nothing to do with the schools.

This is a decision that was made by North Lanarkshire Council to save money 5 years ago, despite the fact the building is only ever open by demand (i.e. when a group has booked it).

We have been in touch with representatives from the Communities Management as well as local councillors to try and work something out, raise awareness of the impact this has on local community groups as well as raising a formal complaint. As no one could tell us why the building would be closed initially other than it was “The School Holidays”

Looking at Temporary Solutions

We are looking at other venues as a short term solution while we don’t have access to the Village Hall, we will make sure to post any updates to the site, our social media channels and to Discord.


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