Umbra-Six Assassin Painting Competition

Painting Competition Umbra-Six Assassin for Warhammer 40k

At Crossfire Gaming Club we are all about reducing that backlog of unpainted minis and getting something on the table you can be proud of!

Warhammer Plus Exclusive Umbra-Six Assassin for Warhammer 40k

This month, we are giving you the chance to win the Operative Umbral-Six Assassin. This miniature was initially locked away behind the Warhammer+ subscription.

You just need to Paint a Single Model!

As it’s our first painting competition we’ve ran at Crossfire Gaming Club. We’re keeping the requirements for this pretty easy: Just paint any single model!

Your entry can be a character, troop choice, vehicle, monster or anything else! It’s a good opportunity to get to something that’s been sitting on the pile of shame for too long!

There are no limits on game system that the miniature is for either. It could be from Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Bolt Action, a mini from a board game etc. You’ll get bonus style points from us if you get creative with it, so it’s worth going that extra mile!

Entry Requirements

  • Take a photo of the UNPAINTED* mini next to something with your name & date. The picture needs to be posted in our Painting Competition section under the Entry and Details channel on Discord (
  • Then all you have to do is bring the painted model into one of the club nights.
  • We will take final pictures in person on Thursday the 16th of March!

The winner will be decided by the committee & announced shortly after the closing date (16th of March).

*We are happy for the Unpainted model to be primed or zenith highlighted. So long as you’ve not started any major colours on it yet.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing what people come up with!


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