Aspirations for the Gaming Club

By now I hope you have seen our venue announcement and our article on playing games at the club. What we are looking to create is a gaming group where people come together to play their favourite games, meet new people and have fun. We are hoping to create a friendly ethos to gaming where everyone can be as competitive as they choose but not at the expense of anyone else’s enjoyment. Check out our Code of Conduct for more info.

Planning and Arranging Games

In terms of what we are planning for the club going forward we will be posting pictures on our Discord Server and Facebook Page regularly and asking people to use these as a way to arrange games. Hopefully this will allow as many games to be played as possible. We are planning to use Facebook for events and Discord for general club communication.

Plans for the Immediate Future

We will be looking to start running taster/intro games in March and we will post options to play or spectate on FB/Discord for people to book.

Beyond that we also plan to run a Warhammer 40k Crusade (before the end of the current edition) and we will be looking at some narrative events and hopefully tournaments in due course. Some of these may require planning for additional days but we will need to ensure there is sufficient demand before we start booking too much. We are also in touch with some other gaming clubs about shared events and competitive matches in due course.

We are also keen to hear what everyone else would like – we are not claiming to have a monopoly on good ideas! Please let us know any thoughts so we can look to shape the club accordingly.

Feel free to comment below, add suggestions on Discord or message the Club directly via Social Media.


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