Playing Tabletop Games at the Club

Hopefully you will all have seen the announcement on social media about our venue for gaming. If not, you can find out more about it on our Club Nights page. We are really excited to meet up and start rolling some dice!

When we got together and started organising the club we were aiming to be as inclusive to as many gaming systems as possible and allow everyone a space to play their games. We also aim to foster a larger community to be able to play competitive, narrative and campaign games. The committee are all helping to provide terrain and mats to get the club started and with your help we aim to make the experience as immersive as possible. The club has been set up as a Not for Profit organisation with the aim of funnelling everything back to make it the best possible wargaming location that we can. Obviously there are some running costs that we need to cover and so we wanted to share with you our plans before we open.

Cost to Attend Club Nights

The cost to come along and play will be £5 per person per night – this covers table and terrain hire where applicable.

You can also pay £30 to join as a member. This will cover you for a calendar year and reduce the cost to play to £3 per person per night and cover that evenings entry fee.

To be able to represent the club at external tournaments you will need to be a member, it will likely include other benefits as well such as membership raffles etc.

Plans for the Future

All of the revenue that we make will go back into the club to pay for the hire, add more terrain, scenery and ways to play the games we love!

For those that are new to wargaming we are aiming to launch taster sessions from March – your first taster session will be free to let people come and experience new games with the aim of growing the club and supporting the community.

We are also looking at providing army hire for some limited armies in due course – to allow players to try some alternative ways to play their games.

We would also welcome all your thoughts on how we can make the most of the club and how we can grow our community as effectively as possible. Make sure to get in touch either here, through our social media channels or on our Discord server!


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