Creating a New Wargaming Club

It All Started Due to a Lack of Places to Play

I’ve been toying with the idea of creating a wargaming club for a while now. In fact, ever since moving back to the outskirts of Glasgow almost 6 years ago. How time fly’s! In that time I’ve met a great bunch of people, started some lasting friendships. I’ve also helped build a small gaming community, where we regularly play at each other’s houses. That’s all been great, but something was missing.

I previously lived in Edinburgh which has a great gaming scene! The Capital has multiple gaming clubs and stores to play at. Chief among them being Edinburgh and Lothian Gamers, which is well worth dropping by if you live in the area. They are so popular these days they do a couple nights a week as well as a night in a local pub, specifically for skirmish games.

Sadly there just isn’t much in the way of good gaming venues to the north east of Glasgow until you get to Common Ground Games in Stirling. It’s a great venue but a little out the way to make the trip on a regular basis.

The local comic book store, Castle Comics in Cumbernauld deserves an honourable mention but it’s only really suited to smaller games. These max out at about 1000 points for Warhammer 40k and there isn’t much else played from a tabletop perspective.

Benefits of Having a Local Gaming Club

I get a lot of enjoyment playing larger games with fully painted armies on themed terrain that tell a story. Granted I can do this at home but it’s nice to have a communal hub to go to. Somewhere where you can meet up with a few friends on a regular basis. It’s also great to see a bit of variety in what is being played and be exposed to as well as have the opportunity to try out other systems.

Being involved in a club also enables you to get involved in the likes of campaigns, tournaments, leagues and other events much more often. In all my years playing tabletop wargames, getting involved and running such events has easily been the highlight for me. As having some form of progression is always great and adds that extra dimension as well as a lot of fun. This is especially true with games such as Necromunda, Kill Team or some narrative RPGs or campaigns.

Moving The Idea of Creating a Club Forward

Having gathered a few good mates that I play with regularly, I floated the idea of setting up a gaming club. To my surprise everyone felt the exact same. Some had even been making trips to other clubs and venues a bit further away to scratch that gaming itch. There was clearly the need to do something!

That leads us to today, where we have now taken our first steps towards creating the Crossfire Gaming Club. We have a name, a web presence and are building out our social channels. There is also lots of things are still going on in the background, we’ll provide updates as we move forward.

The end goal is that we want to create a fun and welcoming environment where people can come play games on a weekly basis. Located in and around the Cumbernauld area. Make sure to keep an eye out and on our social channels for further updates.


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