New Promethium Refinery Terrain

Stephen has recently finished painting up our newest terrain set for Warhammer 40k, our Promethium Refinery, set on a snowy world. For this set we got a few copies of the Games Workshop’s Battlezone Fronteris Hab Bunkers and Stockades, along with the Auspex Shrine and Landing Pad. To add some line of sight blocking to the set, we added some rocky outcrops and 3D printed some scatter terrain, as well as a couple of large promethium Silos.

Creating a Snow Themed Terrain Set

Stephen wanted to go a bit different with this terrain from our other sets we have and do something snowy. I hear he had a tub of AK Interactive Terrains Snow that he was looking forward to trying out! We bought the snowy mat specifically to go with this terrain set, as we felt they would complement each other well. I think we can all agree that he’s done a fantastic job painting it up and getting it ready for the table.

This set is now available to be played on at our Club Nights and ready to be battled over.

Building the Best Gaming Experiences

We’re always continuing to improve the club anyway we can. It’s our goal to offer the best gaming experiences around, while also building the best gaming community and club for all of our attendees. This includes providing some of the best looking terrain, that you just won’t see anywhere else, running campaigns and events, such as our hugely successful Warhammer 40k Crusade and having a friendly & welcoming atmosphere.

Having only started in February, we’ve been blown away by the positive response and how well the club’s doing. It’s a great community and we would strongly encourage anyone that’s into wargaming or board games to come check us out.

A massive well done to Stephen and a huge thanks from all of us at the club for doing such an awesome job on this set. If you want to see more of Stephen’s work, check out/follow his Instagram page.


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