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competitive warhammer 40k

In autumn of 2023 we ran a successful 40K narrative crusade. We will be looking to do this again in autumn 2024 but we thought it would be good to allow everyone’s competitive focus out this year so we will be running a 40k Championship.

This will be everyone’s chance to run their min-max army, or the ones with ALL their meanest units. Special characters will be allowed, as well as allies to allow everyone to build their most competitive list. We would suggest you trial your planned army beforehand to see if it works as you think it will and make any changes you want beforehand. As you will not be able to do so for the duration of the championship.

Once lists are submitted, they are finalised for the rest of the Championship.

A Chance to Win One of Four Trophies!

There will be a max of 32 players split into 8 seeded league groups. This will be on a first come, first served basis. Regardless of where you come in the Group Stages, you will still have a chance to win something!

How The Championship Works

Group Stages

Over the first 6 weeks you’ll play each of the other players in your group, for a total of 3 games. Players will be ranked from 1st to 4th depending on how well they do.

Championship Group Stages

Semi & Quarter Final Knock Outs

Following the Group Stages, you will then be split up and entered into the Knock Outs for your tier.

The winner of each group will go to play for the Cup, the second place for the Plate, the third place for the Trophy and the fourth place for the Medal. This means that even if you come last in your initial group, you will still have the chance to compete in play-offs for that tier and win something.

You will then have 2 weeks to play the quarter final, 2 weeks to play the semi final and 2 weeks to play the final. In this way everyone is guaranteed 4 games and you only need to play 6 games overall if you go all the way to the final. 

knock out stages

Scenarios will be pre-chosen and the details of each mission will be provided in advance. In the league you will score 3 points for a win and 1 for a draw, ties will be decided on the points scored in your games.

Ties in the knockout will be decided on:

  1. Primary points
  2. Whether one army has any models remaining,
  3. Whether the warlord has survived and
  4. Points remaining on the table (any part of a unit remaining will count as the unit having survived for points).

The scores of all games will be called at 9.50pm on each evening the games are played, regardless of how much of the game is left to play, though slow play is discouraged. 

Any tournament rulings required will be made by a member of the committee and each ruling is final. 

How to Get Involved

The opening date for entries will be 7th of March, and closing date for entries will be 21st of March when you will submit your name and your chosen faction. You will have to select your army of 1,750 points along with your detachment and submit it by Thursday the 28th of March, the leagues will be revealed on Saturday the 30th – the points and the rules for all armies will then be locked for the duration of the tournament.

Prize Giving will be Thursday the 27th of June. 


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