New Skirmish Mats

Skirmish sized game mats

We recently kicked off our Necromunda Campaign and one of the first things that was obvious was that although we has plenty 6×4 mats, we were somewhat short on smaller gaming mats. On our first night of the campaign we obviously made use of some of the 6×4’s with the intention of just using an area of them. However, once some games got underway we noticed later on that ppl tended to use the whole space. These made for some wide, open games, where there is less than 20 models on the table, instead of the more cramped and confined battlegrounds of the underhive that we intended.

As Necromunda is normally played on a range of different sized battlefields (some smaller than others), we decided it best to get a few more smaller mats.

New Mat Sizes

We already had a couple 4’x4′ gaming mats at the club but recently picked up the following six mats:

4’x4′ Dark Grass Mat
4’x4′ Frozen Sci-fi
3’x3′ Underhive Mat
Two 44″x30″ Arid Desert Mats
44″x30″ Frozen Sci-fi

This should set us up nicely for hosting smaller sized skirmish games such as Kill Team, Necromunda and other games

Pictures of Our New Mats in Use

Here’s pictures of some of our new mats in use at the previous club night.

new arid desert skirmish mat in necromunda game
frost gaming mat used in Necromunda


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