40k Championship Stage 2

Upcoming Knockout Stages

Our Warhammer 40K Championship is currently underway. It’s been a lot of fun with lots of games, we’ve had some close battles and some not so close battles – but it’s all still to play for! 

For leagues 1-6 the next steps look as follows:

Depending on where you rank within your group will determine what play offs you will go into.

The players in First Place from each group will go to play for the Cup, the players in Second Place will play for the Plate, the players in Third Place will play for the Bowl and the players in Fourth Place will play for the Medal. 

For each of these separate knockout stages:

Players from League 1 will play players from League 2,
Players from League 3 will play players from League 4,
Players from League 5 will play players from League 6. 

Ties in the knockout stages will be decided on:

  1. Primary Points 
  2. Whether one army has any models remaining 
  3. Whether the warlord has survived 
  4. Points remaining on the table (any part of a unit remaining will count as the unit having survived for points).

Quarter Final Mission

Crucible of Battle – Supply Drop – Supply Lines

For league 7 because there are 6 players you will be playing 4 games within your league and going straight to the semi finals where the top 4 players from the league will play against the winner of the game between League 5 and League 6 in their respective competitions (Cup/Plate/Bowl/Medal). 

The winner from each of the quarter finals league 1/2 will then play league 3/4 and League 5/6 will play the qualifiers from league 7 above. 

Semi-final Mission

Search and destroy – Purge the Foe- Chilling rain

With winners going through to the finals. 

Final Mission

Hammer and Anvil – Priority Targets – Sweep and Clear

May the dice fall ever in your favour!


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