Crossfire Attend Carronade 2024

Setting up for Carronade

Our First Time at Carronade

Last year our club was invited by the Falkirk District Wargames Club to come along and host a game at Carronade, one of the premier wargaming conventions in Scotland. Carronade has been running for years and although a few of us have attended in the past, we’d never been as a club or have run a participation game.

What Can you See and Do at Carronade?

Carronade always has a good selection of traders, selling a wide range of things from scenery, paints, dice and minis etc. There’s also a busy flea market with a rotating sellers every hour, which is a great place to pick up some deals. Then there are a number of clubs and groups running participation games for folks to take part in.

There is also a painting competition, with a selection of different categories that people can enter. A congrats to Curtis who managed to take 2nd place with his Zombie Dragon.

zombie dragon came 2nd carronade 2024

Our First Convention as a Club

In preparation, we got some pop up banners made and put our heads together as to what kind of game we wanted to run at the event.

There is always a good selection of WWII and other historical participation games at Carronade, which is good to see, although there tends to be a lack of representation for more sci-fi based games. A shout out to our Convention and geographical neighbours G3 Gamers who brought their Sci-fi based Extreme G Racing game, which is a bit like Mario Kart.

We wanted to add to the sci-fi games this year, however, games like Warhammer 40k, or a variation of it wouldn’t work well as a participation game. We are currently in the middle of a very successful Necromunda Campaign at the club, that has some great scenery that we thought could be fun to do something with.

Crossfire’s Bounty Hunter Brawl

This led us to come up with our Bounty Hunter Brawl, a skirmish game using some stripped down Necromunda rules, where eight bounty hunters fight it out against each other. We also wanted to give people a wee keepsake, so we printed lots of extra models of all of our bounty hunters to give away to folks that came and played.

Everyone that took part seemed to have a bawl! There was a lot of fighting, explosions, heavy fire power and wounds taken after falling from heights. As we had a lot of verticality and plenty of platforms and bridges for players to fight over. Every time someone wanted to join in, they’d pick a character and spawn in, ready to join the fight.

Winning Best Participation Game

We were pleasantly surprised to be presented with and win the Best Participation Game Award at the end of the day. A massive thank you to everyone that came and spoke to us, took pics, asked questions and joined in our game. The most important thing for us, as it is for anything we do is that folks just had fun.

We are delighted to get to add our name to the plaque alongside a lot of other prestigious clubs that have been around a lot longer. After all, we are just over 1 year old! We will be back at Carronade next year and are thoroughly looking forward to it.

A massive thanks to Kenneth and all the chaps at FDWC for organising and running such a great event!

Crossfire Wins Best Participation Game
Crossfire Wins Best Participation Game!


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