Back to the Village Hall

We’re Heading Back to Cumbernauld Village!

This week we will be back in the Cumbernauld Village Hall. For anyone that hasn’t been there, this is our main location and it’s much larger than the Greenfaulds Community Rooms that we’ve had to use over the summer. The reason for the initial move was that the Village Hall is sadly closed by NLC outside of term time.

The full address of the Village Hall is: The Wynd, Cumbernauld, Glasgow G67 2ST

However, you should just be able to pop “Crossfire Gaming Club” into Google and get directions to us

A Much Larger Space

As you can see from the picture of the hall below, we have a much larger space, which means we can have more full sized games on the go! No more sharing of tables or restricting half of our games to small sized battles needed!

Club night at Crossfire

And Free Pizza!

As it’s great to be back in the Village Hall, we will be celebrating by ordering in some Pizza. Free for everyone coming along this Thursday evening to play & hang out!

Grab a Slice & Game!


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