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Your scouts have been busy. Despite this agrarian world’s lack of more advanced technology you have found some useful enclaves that could assist your plans to “liberate” this world from the other colonisers. There are relics to be fought for, assets to be gathered, strategic resources to be held. With your alliance at your back and a plan forming in your mind it is time to stride out and take this world.

Still Time to Get Involved

The Deadline to join the Crusade is midnight on Thursday the 17th of August. There is still time to take part! You’ll only have to play a max of 2 campaign games a month, leaving time for other games/systems.

To get involved, all you need to do is:

  • Sign up Via our Discord “Crusade Signup” Channel
  • Register on Goonhammer Administratum website
  • Join the Balecaster Crusade on Administratum & upload your roster

It’s easy enough to copy and paste your army roster from the 40k app. It is then fairly easy to update your army after your battles, gain experience and spend resource points. 

Drawing Alliances

We will be drawing the alliances on Saturday the 19th of August and posting up all the details. Each team will then have their own secret Discord chat room, invisible to the other teams, where you can discuss your tactics and what you aim to do next.

Coloured Team Icons

There will be different assets that can be used to give your alliance and forces a boost on the battlefield, of which we’ve shared a few below.

Command Assets

After the first battles in week one, there will likely be an initial leader in each Alliance. They will then have some Command Assets to hand out, either to themselves or to their allies.

These will renew at the start of each Campaign Phase, where the alliance leader at the start of the Campaign Phase is in charge of handing out/keeping these benefits.

Strategic Assets (Map Based)

You will also be fighting for strategic resources placed around the map with each some of these providing further benefits. In order to take the map resources you must first conquer all the hexes leading up to the resource before you can take it and claim it. And remember, others will be vying for these resources too!

Here’s a wee preview of our Campaign map!

Tactical Assets (Mission Rewards)

In addition, whenever you finish a game, after you have rolled for your Out of Action tests. You will then need to roll for your Asset Retrieval Phase in front of your opponent

All players do this regardless of who won, but some missions may have modifiers to the roll that can help. If you roll a 6+ then you can draw a card at random from the Tactical Asset Campaign deck. This represents your forces finding some useful device, piece of intelligence or other benefit that can help them on the battlefield.

Playing Campaign Games

If you are looking to play a campaign game on the Thursday please let us know on Tuesday each week – with your preferred mission. You may have to play a different mission because of limited availability but we will endeavour to help people play as many different missions as possible. 

Please remember – this is all aimed at being a narrative campaign, please make the appropriate narrative choices for your army, choices and alliance to ensure everyone has the most enjoyable experience possible!

Some of our Campaign Relics

We have custom campaign relics for the crusade, some of which can be seen below!

Frenzon Injector

INFANTRYMOUNTED or MONSTER only. You can re-roll Advance and charge rolls made for this model’s unit. In addition, add 1 to this model’s melee weapon Attacks characteristic during any turn in which its unit made a charge move (including using the Heroic Intervention stratagem) or was charged.

Dark Age Displacer Belt

INFANTRY only. Instead of making a Normal Move or Falling Back in your Movement phase, this model’s unit can be removed from the battlefield and then set back up on the battlefield, anywhere that is more than 9″ from any enemy models. One use per battle.

Determination Dog Tags

INFANTRY CHARACTER model only. If this character is reduced to 0 wounds it is not removed from the board but counts as having one wound remaining until the end of the battle round. It can act normally until then at which point it is slain. Amulet of Perception 

The bearer has the FIGHTS FIRST ability – only the bearer has this ability, not any unit they are attached to. 

You check out the full list of our Campaign Relics.


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