Crusade Kick Off!

With the first week of Crusade this week I thought it would be worthwhile just going through some of the differences between crusade missions and a stand alone game of 40k. 

Thanks everyone for registering with Goonhammer and inputting your army lists – it will REALLY cut down on the admin for the post-game development of your faction. 

Starting Positions

Firstly – we have a campaign mission map for both the planet side missions and for the orbital missions. To decide on starting points for your planet side settlement we will have a team roll off – each team will nominate a player to roll off against the other teams. The winner will choose their position on the map (these are highlighted in green below and will be marked with white dots on the physical map) – we will then continue to roll off until each team has a starting location. Your faction will start to conquer the hexes around this base as you win games and score points. To take a location on the orbital you need to win a game in boarding actions or score sufficient points to take a hex.

Playing Crusade Missions

All the details of how to run a Crusade mission are detailed in the 40k main rule book but I thought I would draw your attention to some of the differences. 

This month both land based games will be 1,000 points and the orbital mission will be 500 points. We will be increasing the points gradually over the course of the campaign so you will be able to spend RP on increasing the pool of points you can draw your forces from as your recruits recover from the crash landing.

You will need to submit your names and preferred mission by midnight on Tuesday – I will draw the names on Wednesday and let you know who you are playing in which mission (some variation on mission is unavoidable to ensure everyone gets a game!). 

Additional Steps

Since you already know what force you will be bringing and what mission you are playing then we can skip to: 

Step 4 – Roll off for attacker and defender

Step 5 – Read mission

Step 6 – Place the objective markers

Step 7 – Create the battlefield – please try and play on a board around 5ft in width for 1,000 points.

Step 8 – Purchase requisitions – you will not use this for the first game but will use it thereafter using some of the RP you have gained

Step 9 – Select Agendas – more on this below

Step 10 – Select crusade blessings – as above this will not apply for your first game but may be applicable in future games

Step 11 – Declare Battle Formations

Step 12 – Deploy Crusade Armies

Step 13 – Determine fist turn

Step 14 – Resolve Pre-Battle Rules

Step 15 – Begin the battle (remember to record how many enemy units your own units killed etc, we will have a score sheet to help)

Step 16 – End the battle

Step 17 – Determine the Victor

Step 18 (slightly different) – Roll for out of Action results and Mission rewards draws

Step 19 – Campaign Asset Recovery Phase (Roll a D6 to see if you uncovered something useful)

Keeping Track of Results

We will be providing score sheets to keep a track of the scores in the game – I will update the details on the Goonhammer website, you can then select the army you used for the battle, update the number of kills or if it was killed and select a unit to be Marked for Greatness (to get additional experience). 

One of the main differences with Crusade is that there are no secondary mission objectives to be achieved for additional scoring. You will receive 10 VP if your army is painted to the appropriate standard (first month that is just to have everything undercoated) and then the VP from the primary mission objectives. 

For Step 9 you are required to select two agendas for your army. These can be selected from pages 312-313 of the Main Rule Book. We will also have some additional agendas that will develop throughout the campaign. These agendas help your army to develop experience throughout the campaign in order that they will level up more quickly – which will allow them to develop traits and upgrade their skills in due course.

Looking forward to Thursday and to see how everyone gets on in their first games!


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