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Your Alliance Holds

Since arriving on this planet you have combined your forces and taken refuge in a nearby settlement. Its resources are limited but you have done your best to set up your base of operations, build a rudimentary field hospital and scavenge what you can from the wrecks of your craft. You should be able to reinforce your position as your engineers rebuild your machines and your warriors recover from their injuries but your forces are likely to be limited. You have managed to salvage a couple cargo lifters which should be able to take you into space but have no ability for interstellar travel. 

Having spoken to the locals you know there is a space hulk orbiting the planet, of which attempts have previously been made to turn into a rudimentary space station. This will have to be explored and exploited and it’s imperative that you gain a foothold, as it should provide some additional resources. You are also aware of further craft having made planetfall and you know you are likely not the only ones who survived. Wanting to scoop up as many of the planet’s scarce supplies as you can, you discuss with your fellow commanders the best course of action – rather than wait to be attacked you are going to forage across this continent and gather up what you can. Rebuild your forces and see what else you can discover – the local talk of other strongholds and enclaves, perhaps there are weapons and gear to be had. It is time to marshal your forces and expand!

Submitting Army Rosters/Lists

Hopefully you’ve seen our post about creating your campaign army lists have started to build up your crusade force by now and start to know what you are bringing to battle! You will have to Join the Campaign & submit your army list via the Goonhammer Administratum website (details of which and how to do so will follow!) by midnight on the 17th. Alliances will be drawn on Saturday the 19th and the first campaign matches start on the 24th of August.  


Before you submit your army lists you will be able to see the first month’s crusade mission options below. There is a narrative story arc that will apply – and alter depending on the choices that you and your allies make and the missions that you carry out. It has not all been written yet as your choices will determine the outcomes. 

The missions will be varied, and will include, but not be limited to the following:

  • Incursion missions with a custom mission and objective
  • Strike Force missions with an allied player against another allied strike force
  • Boarding Action missions on the Space Hulk
  • Inter-ally rivalry – fight for control of your collective alliance

Each month we will provide at least three missions to play. You can play and score two of these missions per month. Any additional missions will not be counted and those games will not add anything to your campaign armies in terms of XP, RP or any other benefit. Your two missions will be able to be played at your leisure within the month timeframe and must be different. 

Securing Territory on the Campaign Map

We have built a map for the campaign to be waged over and you will see what that looks like in due course. Your alliance will initially control a single settlement and plan to take further lands to increase your resource collection and allow your alliance to flourish.

For every battle won, your influence grows and you will take over another hex. Initially with the board being uncontrolled, each planetside victory will net your alliance 1 hex and each loss or draw will provide no hexes – but whilst there are unclaimed hexes if you score above 40VPs in a planetside battle you will gain one additional hex – to encourage people to score the maximum possible points. Once all the hexes have been allocated each victory over another alliance will see you taking one of their hexes, increasing your own board control at the cost of your opponent’s control – however, stretching your forces too thin may result in your eventual defeat.

Individual Team Leader Boards & Balancing

After your initial battles in the first month one of your alliance will stand out as the Faction Leader. This will have both costs and benefits to them, their armies and their allies. Each player will have a place in their alliance and we will update this weekly to see who reigns strongest and gets to make some of the important decisions for their combined forces. 

The leading players within an alliance will need to use their forces to maintain order – for each hex controlled after your home settlement, the number of points that can be used in a game is reduced (see table below). This will apply to all of the battle types listed above but is halved for boarding actions. 

Place in the Alliance Points reduction per hex controlled
3rd etcnone
*Subject to change based on map/team sizes*

Gaining Requisition Points

Increasing the number of hexes that your army controls will increase the Requisition Points that your armies will gain following a battle – this will normally be the number of hexes (including your home settlement hex) you now control following the battle, divided by the number of allies in the alliance to a minimum of 1 (rounding up). For example – if, following this week’s battles, you now control 5 hexes and there are 3 players in your alliance you will each get 2 requisition points. 

The scoreboard to decide the Faction Leader, 2nd place etc will be scored on the following process – Wins, Points, Percentage wins, scoring difference. 

Gaining Campaign Assets

The Faction Leader will be responsible for leading their faction to victory against the other alliances. As such they will be able to hand out certain benefits to their allies (or indeed themselves) ahead of missions that may help to turn the tide of the battle. This will be done via the use of Campaign Assets, of which there are 3 types:

Command Benefits

Each Faction Leader will have access to the same starting Campaign Assets that can be distributed amongst the team and used once per Campaign Phase. These will be distributed after the first week of the campaign once each faction has a leader. The leader at the start of each Campaign Phase will hand out the command benefits for that Phase.

Map Based Locations

Your alliance gaining control of some locations will provide Campaign Assets that can be used to support allied armies. Most of these will be able to be reused once per Campaign Phase, so long as your alliance retains control of the associated location.

Mission Rewards

Upon completion of a mission, each player, regardless of result must take part in an Asset Recovery Phase. This represents the chance for your forces to recover some useful device, piece of technology or tactical advantage that can be used for your alliance’s benefit. Each of these is a one time use benefit, once it is used it is returned to the deck.

Each player rolls a D6, on the roll of a 6+ they can draw a card at random from the Mission Rewards Deck. Completing the primary missions can provide modifications to these rolls to make them more likely, the details of this will be included in each mission specification.

Players may opt to hold onto these Campaign Assets and use them when best suits, hand them over to the Faction leader or gift them to your allies to be used for a specific battle. Hoarding all of the Campaign Assets to yourself may result in your allies not being too happy with you*.

*If team members engage in an inter-alliance battle, the winner may select a Campaign Asset belonging to the loser to take from them

Weekly Game Draws

To take part in the weekly draw for games please submit your name by midnight on Tuesday each week with your mission preference. We will then draw the names on a Wednesday and let you know who you will be playing on the Thursday and which mission you are playing (ideally the one you have chosen but there may need to be some allowances). 

Phase 1 Missions

Below you can find the missions for the first Phase of the campaign.


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