Expanding Our Hobby Corner

Hobby Supplies for the gaming club

Some New Hobby Supplies for the Club

We mentioned it in our previous club update that we would be bring some new hobby supplies to our Hobby Corner. Everything pictured will be at the club from tonight and be completely free for attendees to use! This Includes:

Paints from Army Painter

We had a look around at different paint ranges, we can say that Citadel (Games Workshop) were ruled out immediately due to the poor design of their bottles and tendency for the paints to dry out.

We settled on Army Painter as it seemed to be the best value for money (which allowed us to get more paints). They are also pretty well regarded.

We got the Mega Paint Set, which includes 50 individual colours from Army Painter’s Warpaint set. In addition, we also picked up their Speed Paint Mega Set which includes 24 speed paints.

Citadel Painting Handles

Having used painting handles for a long time, as have some other members of the committee. It’s something I wouldn’t try and paint a mini without, so we decided that we would make sure that we have a few, to help make it easier to paint without having to touch the mini.

Citadel Water Pots

These aren’t just any water pots, these are citadel water pots! In all honesty they are pretty good compared to just filling a cup with water, the wide base makes them difficult to tip over and the interior has lots of ridges and grooves that help clean your brushes and help them to keep their shape for longer.

Mixing Palettes

We picked up some of these as they are always good to have when working on painting some minis.

Paint Brushes

We bought these in bulk! We’ve had a few instances of people turning up and forgetting their paint brushes, which is easy to do and really annoying to find out you’d forgot! No longer will this be an issue!

Happy Hobbying From the Committee!

We will be adding a little more to the hobbying area in the means of portable lights for painting but they haven’t turned up yet. Hopefully we’ll have them from next week.

Anyway, this is a wee fantastic benefit that we wanted to provide to the community, allowing you to try out some new paints, tools and techniques completely free on club nights.


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