New Membership Cards!

Crossfire Membership Cards

Check Out Our New Membership Cards!

Hey folks, we have some good news today. We now have some swanky looking membership cards that will be given out free to anyone with a club membership.

These are hard plastic, credit card sized cards that’ll fit in your wallet or anywhere you keep similar cards. We’ll be handing them out at the the next Club Night. Shiny!

This is only one of the benefits that we’ve been able to achieve with the lottery funding. There is going to be much more!

How to Get One?

Just pay the membership fee, which we recently reduced to £15 for the rest of the calendar year!

A Club Membership reduces your cost to come along to club nights to £3. There will also be other benefits such as a reduced cost on any events we run as well as some other things in the pipeline!

Let Everyone Know Your Important!

Membership fees really help the club out! We really appreciate the up front support, as it allows us to invest in different game systems, book out the venue in advance and improve the club.

A massive thank you to everyone that’s joined as a member already and everyone that plans to. This is a small token of our appreciation and we might have some associated benefits with it soon!


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